Thursday, September 29, 2005

Did we missed the point?

Well, the 2 guys were charged and the next guy due tomorrow. I guess it is set in the stone for whatever message that were meant to be said were passed in the form of judgments of the judge.

For some that cries about the death or lack of free speech, for those who writes in staunch defense for the action so far and for those who keeps claiming that blogs has no place as a substitute for the institution of the press.

You folks are missing the point. The whole idea that spawned blog is not as a replacement of news, we are not even in the business to supplement news reports and I guess nobody and I do mean nobody out there started out initially to be made famous or infamous as you would have it. Why then, are we doing what we are doing and to some, following it through with fervent zeal that could shame some full time writers?

It is about choice and ideas. Sitting through a presentation yesterday, I was told in no uncertain terms that everything collected by a monitoring system was data, processed and structured to become information. And that in a nutshell, is what press is about. It is to process what is happening and present to you, news which are in essence, information. The reason why we pay for it is because we receive information from it and that advertisement, which is another form of information, albeit very much geared towards influencing your buying decision is placed there just so you have the information of a product and they rouse your impulse to buy it or to let you know that you need to buy it because of your need.

Now, there is only so many businesses out there that will pay for ad space and that is what the media is fighting about. If bloggers gain enough influence and mindshare, would they not have much further reach to consumers? Would that not erode the traditional media in terms of ads dollar? You see, bloggers become now a rising threat to ads dollars and that is why we are at many a time, being seen as an imaginary adversary.

States and government would very much like to rein this free radical force of the faceless voice that thunders over the horizon as there is absolutely no control. Scary we are as a force which is wild and chaotic, contrary to the order of things that is to keep all in harmony and easy controls. Also considered rebellious and satirical as there is no governance and to issue every blog a MITA code and to sensor every single blogs out there might end out driving us back to negative unemployment all over again.

But we are not about information. We are about ideas, ideas that springs into our mind and that need to write it out and shared with all the faceless multitude out there. But yet, ideas are dangerous, if you do not believe me ask Einstein if he ever regretted to put the idea behind E=MC2 into practice and also explain why the Nobel peace prize is created by the father of modern explosive.

Ideas are just that, ideas, it is those who act on them that are the bold, and those who act on them without commonsense that is scary.

I mean, it is probably disgusting to see racist, sexist or any other bigotry remarks, those people who write that for all to see run a foul to law as with those who host p0rn. It is another thing to actually act on them. All I am saying is that, if you see a bad idea and act on them, don’t go blaming the one with the idea, it was you own decision taken to follow it through without engaging your brain. As what GOD said to Mercermachine, you are given a brain, put it to good use. I believe that ensure that ensures your well-being and the improvement of the human race as a race.

All I can say is that, blog on, use your brain when writing it and also to all those who read it, please, use your brain as well as I cannot and will not be responsible for your action if you choose not to exercise common sense.


Iris said...

Hey Phillip, I like reading your blog, do you mind if I link it to mine?

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It will be myine slayer