Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Farewell Old Girl

This is 1 of those day that I went through with both joy and a tinge of regret

My trusted aide, that huge, heavy and hardy Dell Latitude 610 has finally been put to rest and this will be the last day that I get to spend with her. She had probably went with me on more trips than my wife, in fact, she was with me even before I know my wife and that she went almost everywhere that I went (On business naturally) seen winter, connected home, work through those long night doing migrations, reports and email. She is still running fine, nothing a fresh format and a new battery wont restore her to her former glory. given her best years to serve 1 crazy owner that decided harddisk is meant to be filled to the brim. The RAM and CPU should run at 100 and that multi-task meaning quering, reporting, writing email while connecting to 5 other servers on RDP, VNC and net meeting.

Still running faithfully and that I had only need to change her keyboard just once due to my pounding style of typing emails.

Well, I am also looking forward to the new system as it saved me the need to save my data and reinstall the old Notebook. It also came packed with 3 USB2 port, WIFI and bluetooth as well as a SD card reader.Everything that I need and yes, DVD combo drive

Here she is.....

She is slim but just as buxom....packed as well.....I just wish that I can upgrade that old girl just so that she give this new one a run for her money.....

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