Saturday, September 24, 2005

Cinderella Man

Just saw the show tonight in Bukit Batok.

It was well worth the mad rush for us to chase 1 bus and the following MRT after a hurried dinner.

The missues was wondering if we were in the wrong cinema and the wrong seats in the first place, but the show subsequently brought us over and that it was a gripping show from the start to the end.

I will not go much into the details, just that for all the guys out there, bring your wife/girlfriend along to watch it. For all the ladies, you might not like this show as Russell is being bloodied and abused in more ways that I care to count. But hell, there is plenty of hunks for the ladies to drool over. And yes, he surpass himself this time in looking homely and stupid (read blur blur).

What the show is about?
It is all about faith, faith in what you believe in, the people you believe in and how this faith gives them the drive towards their goal and passion even when you are not sure.

Its about hope in times of despair, a boxer that embodies hopes and comeback.
It talks about how one man is the inspiration of many during his time of setback and the never wavering believe that he will overcome and succeed. And that he did.

My wife's opinion is that the only thing she derived, will be that, if I were to write this blog till 3 in the morning, while she might disagree, she will still back me up 120%. No, no free pass to Geylang or the 7 level of sins.........Not going there anyway.

The only sad thing is that, this show has been now sidelined as it does not have the big marketing hype as some other show. Catch it while you can with your love one and do come out affirm that it is you and your love and faith in one another that will sustain one another in times of trial and tribulation.

Ok, write this till 3 I will not. A quick shower and the nice cozy bed awaits.


lakeside girl said...

Westmall?? stay in the west too?

I'm skeptical about watching Cinderlla Man after watching Million Dollar Baby, which IMHO is tooooo overrated.

Waiting for DA show of the year - CHRONICLES OF NERNIA that is gonna be screened in Dec! =)

putitthisway said...

MDB is ok but the ending is a little too sad for my liking... it puts down a person in spirit. As for CM, I would think that the show is nothing to flaw nor is it exactly very excpetional, it is something that tells an inspirational tale and tells it well. Its never about the show but how it moves you and connects to you from my POV.

yeah, that and the goblet