Wednesday, September 14, 2005

10 Observations

Throughout my years of experience with end-users, I have come out with the following observations:
1). They have no clue about IT

2). They are wrong

3). When they are right, and you are wrong, refer to number 2

4). All things taught in the inhouse course will be forgotten

5). all self-help guide only helped the IT staff to waste time writing them

6). If they attended a course, they expect you to tell them what they forgot, least you become an incompetent staff

7). the only thing you can trust a user to do without fail with their computer is to screw it up

8). The program that you are not able to quickly fix is the 1 that they need it most

9). While they can wait for their car to be sent to the garage to be fixed, you have to solve all their computer problem on the phone in 3 easy steps under 5 minute

10). Users loath helpdesk.

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