Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Of elephants, witches and bigots

The bookie might be right as the election is around the corner, or that national day was over, but nothing prepared Vivian as he visit Buangkok. No ladies on the bar top, nor was there a cabaret of hunk dancing for him....elephants, white elephants, 8 to be exact, placard white and expensive looking, not something you can get from a children art class. They had a point and the point was that big white elephant that nobody in Buangkok gets to use. Buangkok MRT Station.
Vivian say point noted, Mps got alerted. police sayed 999 called and they will have to investigate.

The point of Bunagkok MRT not opening has been discussed till death. what is more interesting is that there is actually people putting a big subtle (not ver) sign during a scheduled visit of MPs to make their point noted. Not only did he raise eye brows, the person that done it has also managed to raise that veil that Singaporean a re a happy lot contended with their pickings. As I say, nothing but a thin veil. If 1 prowls the web. it is not surprising to hear disenting voice about government and policies but more in general how hard it is to live in Singapore. A generally political apathic bunch, but once bread and butter issue is at stake, trust Singaproean to make their voices heard. And in this case, seen. And in this case, things come to a boiling and embodies itself on 8 white elephant.

It was not a bomb, nobody need to come out and claim responsibility, but what follows is nothing short of witch hunt and no shortage of outcrys against it. While yes, the 1 who put those up did championed an apparant good cause, they broke the law nonetheless. Outcries for leniency is common and that while police is carrying out the investigation, there seems to be some murmurring among the grassroot members there, certain dissent....

Well, as far as the man/men/woman/women behind the elephant wish to remain as it is and not to be made known their idnetity, this is not acceptable. Which I put it in a way that I would prefered.

On one hand, the authority would like to know who is behind this and if there is an agenda which is political

While the media managed to stir up much needed hype to sell more air time.... they also ended up bringing a ground swell in support of the people that spawned the white elephants.

This set a dangerous precedent. That someone can take the easy road to political prominent as being a cause celebre by championing such popular cause on the popular side. I doubt that anyone entrenched would like to see this happening as this will put too much clout of public opinon against them. As shown clearly in this case and the previous case of Mr Durai vs SPH.

The populace are a power and this case, best left dormant. stirring it up by a face unkown in no more than a white elephant placard is a dangerous weapon. without unmasking the face behind the elephant, noone will sleep peacefully.

And the power that be knows the power of the mass stirred up, which in recent case, as the media so put it, 2 bloggers had been bought to court under the sedition act. And act that as far as I had known, not put to such a high profile cases and definetly not for something posted on the internet. While voicing of dissent is fine, pmaking a parody of the establishment can be laughed at. stirring up racial dissent is something that we had seen in the early year of this nation to a bloody end. it is not something that we would like to repeat again. And yet, to some quarters, the very act of hauling the 2 bigots to court act also as a warning bell that maybe the big brother will now have a very close look of what is being said on the net and bloggers especially, should now look into their post and archives and start to edit them carefully. Yet I fear all this, will just bring us back to where we were again and stop having activist among us that raises topics of our interest and hoping that the establishment will solve the big problem while we the citizen, as 1 united people go forth and chase our own dreams.

Isn;t this deviating from making us more vibrant, guess the thousand flower need more help cause they are not really blooming, except the weeds.

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