Thursday, January 19, 2006

Little Pavin

While the furor over Mr. Tan’s return has finally boiled over and that the law of the land has passed its first reading, there seems to still be background noise of those who decided that National Service is beneath them. One of them, which I read with utter distaste, was a letter by a little runt who decided that his motherland is nothing more than a nuisance.

The letters is as follows:

Jan 18, 2006Let those who intend to emigrate opt out of NS I REFER to the Insight article, 'Doers & dodgers: Time to heal the rift?' (ST, Jan 14). I share the same sentiment as Mr. Paul Wong, feeling no allegiance to Singapore and not being able to assimilate into Singaporean culture even though I was born and raised here.As a child, I grew up watching classic American movies and cartoons, and listening to American-genre music like country, southern gospel and classic American oldies.My paternal aunts and uncles are Ivy League students and speak with a slight American accent and use American grammar in speech. I was influenced by them.Because I am the child of a Thai father and a Singaporean mother, I am a citizen of both Thailand and Singapore. I hold a Singapore passport and will have to serve national service next year.I do not intend to live in Singapore and, in fact, have made serious plans to emigrate to the United States in future.Many friends of mine who have gone overseas to study intend to settle down in their host country after serving national service. I do not support the evasion of national service but I appeal to the Government to make some changes to the policy.For those who do not intend to live in Singapore, there is no purpose in serving national service. It is a waste of resources for the Government and a waste of time for those affected. In my case, I will renounce my Singapore citizenship at age 21 and take on Thai citizenship. The US will be my home in future and if a war breaks out between Singapore and the US, God forbid, obviously I would help to defend the US and fight Singapore if need be.Therefore, I do not see the purpose of training men who might 'turn against' their country in unforeseen circumstances.Perhaps the Ministry of Defence could come up with a policy to permit those who intend to emigrate to opt out of national service but if they do not leave by a certain age, then they would be drafted. Patriotism and loyalty cannot be forced. It is ultimately up to an individual whether he wants to serve the country.Pavin Limanont

Little Pavin, There is only 1 thing that I give you, that is you actually have the gall to say such things. You are probably outspoken and truthful but really, I hope you are not out to just get your 15 min of fame.
Well, if its infirmary that you want, you had achieve it. In fact, while some corners of Singapore might honor Mr. Melvin Tan for his return and his accomplishment in music, we really have nothing but scorn for you. First off, for 17 years of your miserable life, you have been given a somewhat safe environment to grow up in, your parents need not fear that you have been kidnapped nor worried that you have either take too much marijuana or shot yourselves in the stupor that follows. Neither was there fear that your skin color might not be accepted among equals and be relegated to being second-class citizen.

Your education, while might not have been the best in the world and perfect, had allowed you to write a letter that is legible despite its distasteful content. Unfortunately, you are still a failure of the system, as it did not inculcate a value of honor and patriotism to the country that you grew up in. It could be by your very nature vile and lack of a sound morale fiber. As such, you are more a liability than an asset to any country that you pledge your allegiance to. If 17 years did not leave a single shred of belongingness to a country which did you no wrong, woes to the 1 that you are disgruntled or might eventually be disillusioned to as you will not hesitate to sell your gun to whomever that caught your fancy. The lacking in principle likens you to a snake, which has no spine and bends. (Sorry to all the snakes that I offended, ok, worm…. sorry to the worms too)

I was born in Malaysia and am now a Singapore Citizen. The path that I partook was not easy and that I always remember the difficulties that my mother and I went through just so that I can be a Singapore Citizen. It was more of a struggle that took 15 years and I always look back with a tinge of pride when I received my pink IC. While I might not agree with some of the policies and the rationale of the Nation, but if asked to, taking up arms and laying down my life is something that I would not hesitate to do.

I in fact feel sorry for your mother and your paternal aunts and uncles, which are probably good people capable in their own rights, to have someone like you associated with them is probably tarnish to their good names. Having relatives that are Ivy League graduate does not qualify you automatically to greatness. You probably have to prove it and work at it rather than just coming here and bitch about it.

Little Pavin, if you are not happy with being called up to serve the nation, just go. You are free to go to that Ivy league colleague of yours and study and get your little head-start in life like so many who did. In fact, some of them were sponsored by this nation, which you spurned and while not all, a great many of them do come back, served their time for this nation. That in a word is called gratitude, the meaning of which might be alien to one such as you.

The only reason that I see you writing this letter at this time is that, you do not cut it for Ivy League, In fact, I even wonder if your O level was anything to write home about. Which is why you are writing this letter in a hope that they will let you get away with it without your parents needing to pay a bomb for an oversea education that will be lost on you, not to mentioned the 30K bond that they will need to put up of which you will surely caused it to be forfeited.

All in all, I would say that you are lost cause, while you come out and say what you feel, you just reaffirm that you and others like you are nothing more than some self-centered pukes that I despise.

Really, if you want out, go now; just get out, right now.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Food (Dis)tasting

This is the first and the only time that I am doing this, so there is alot of things that I am doing for the first and I do hope that as the only time, it can be just ok.

However, I seems to keep getting spanner into my plans, having problem with the photo studio, interior decor company and now the restraunt.

By all meaning and intend, food tasting is for us to know for sure and be confident of the dishes that will be served during the wedding banquet. Unfortunately, the food tasting left me with distaste and abolute despair about the food served.

The whole food experience can be summarised with just 1 word: Bland.
the vegetables are just raw vegetables cooked. Something that even someone that doesn;t know how to cook will probably do better if they follow a cookbook. It all tasted like the cook never bothered to put in the right sauce.

The fish tasted weird and out of all the comments, everyone either thought that it is over or undercocked or just plain weird.

In summary, the whole experience made me look forward to the wedding dinner with dread.

I would hope that they can come out with some miracle to salvage the whole thing.... But hope, like miracle is a denial of truth.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A new year, a new profile

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Seems like it is high time for a makeover. As such, I have change my

profile picture just so that you can try to find our how I look like

(close enough). As you can see..... I have 2 hands and you can try to

ID me base on my left hand. In case, you are wondering, the laptop is a

Compaq nc6220.........

Anyway, those who know who I am.....knows how I look like....for those

that doesn't.... I guess it really doesn't matter...(Does it???)