Thursday, September 29, 2005

Dark Thoughts

Guess it was the proverdial straws that broke the camel's back when all the thoughts come to a boiling when I almost crush that new notebook under my knees before I sleep.

I had always understand that there is a dark under-belly that I associate with, for a lack of a better term, the human condition. The darker agenda that for self preservation or just for ones own needs and gratification that everything else can be put up in exchange for it and nothing is sacred, not loyalty not principle, in fact, as I have put it, nothing.

Everything in this day and age has a price tag to it even if it is something abstract.

A partnership and friendship which is about trust can be sold off. Without so much as a common decency to tell it. I had to find out one way or another that it has been used and to their very own end. What about the comon courtesy of telling.

Ones own turf is always worth guarding. But does it means thatyou have the right to trod down on everyone elses? What happened to team-work?

It is a sad day to associate the failing of people on someone you know and associate with. Sadder when it is yourself that is trying so hard to fight the urge to give in and for once, goes with them. I failed before and I do know that it is always the easy way....maybe that way is better if so many is taking it and prosper despite the price that others have to pay. Maybe I should as well, what price values and principle when they are the ones that stands in the way of success?

I am probably not making any sense, I am writing this as it is far better to ramble like a mad man then to have it all penned up inside.

I dobt that it will be read and analyse in much depth much less will the message hidden be understood. So be it.

I had my say and thats all that matters.

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