Monday, September 26, 2005

[Food] Alexandra Village Hawker Center

I love food, as do my wife, our constant battle against the bulge is a lost cause as we prefer good food to sensible diet.

Well, do allow me to regale you our findings of the better and the not so palatable of our findings :
(This time, no picture, I would do my utmost to shoot before devour in the future.)

Location : Alexandra Village

Proximity : Anchor Point, Queensway Shopping center, Alexandra Hospital and Former SAFRA Bukit Merah Clubhouse

Dishes : BBQ Sting-ray
Satay (Pork and Chicken)
Fried Carrot Cake

Drinks : Sugar Cane and Lemon Juice

Sting-ray and Hay-zor
The Sting-ray and Hay-zor came from the store that is of the Yummy King fame about grilled(BBQ) fish. The Stingray is done without much flaw but seriously, nothing to write home about. It is good but not great. Plenty of taste but nothing stands out. As for the Hay-zor, that is something else. It is fried to crispy perfection and the filling is made the old-school style with pork, shrimps and water-chestnut. Good with the supplied sweet sauce or just by itself.

The satay is good but a pity that the mutton was a sold-out before we can order. Think it was a busy night for them, so nothing too special. The sauce is old-school Chinese style with a tinge of pineapple which adds soem zesty tinge to it. It was really the redeeming factor to the otherwise standard fare satay.

Fried Carrot cake
Honestly, nothing to write home about. Have a feeling that it is again standard compromised by too many orders. I think the 1 at Redhill market will really give it a run for its money. Just hope that their other fares taste better.

The avocado juice is a favourite there as I can see the dark green beverage on almost every other table. It is rich and heady. The perfect compliment to a spread of spicy food. As for sugarcane juice, nuff say.

The place might not have alot of parking space but it sure brings in alot of crowds. We reached the place at about 8 and it is still bustling with activities. Its dark and quiet exterior belies its smokey and busy insides. The smoke of heady aromas of the numerous roast and grills will make your cloths smell delicious on your way back.
Not a place for the less adventurous or looking for a clean quiet dine out. It is alive, loud and with the smoke to boot (Not from cigarette, but I guess you can probably get away with a sneak puff if you want to). A good place for large gathering as everyone will be spoilt for choice.

Like I say, no picture this time.....As I only realised that after I am done with the food.

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