Thursday, September 15, 2005

Please make me a manager.....Please....

Just saw it off a mail somewhere by someone who wants to be a sales manager....
And mind you, not me

-------Start of cover letter------------------
A man striving for success in the business world will meet ups and downs in his career path. In my own small world, significant achievements are few and far between due to the nature of my position within the company itself. However, there are a few occasions which made me a very proud man standing out, as if a shining star whom out-shines others in the dark sky of the night

Being a Business Development & Marketing executive in the company will allow me to be in-charge of liaising with customers on projects assigned, as well as marketing company’s products through successful marketing campaigns. Thus, by making profit for the company, I will not only uphold my company’s reputation and further enhance it within its field of competition.

I will ensure the delivery of the highest quality services and maintenance of excellent long-term partnership with my clients. Seeing my clients’ facial expression filled with joy and excitement upon the completion of every successful project will be evidence that my mission was accomplished. My heart would be filled with tears of joy as I know it’s time to say goodbye and seek for a new beginning in life.

Being an easy-going and yet humble person often enables myself to meet new people and know more friends, which is a necessity in one’s life. Being equipped with a strong understanding of one’s strengths and weaknesses allows me to gain more friends than foe. With a larger social circle, help will be easily sought for, should the need arise.

I’m ever open and willing to accept new ideas but I’ll look at them carefully before implementing these ideas into my projects. Being an interpersonal individual, able to communicate freely with colleagues, seeking advice or exploring new marketing opportunities in the field are critical.

Being able to work independently on projects or should the need arises, I am more than willing to integrate myself into a team and function as a team player.

Nobody is perfect in this world. There will always be a positive and negative side in a person. I am a stubborn person, I would go all the way out to prove or protect whoever or whatever should I deem fit. Sometimes, people might view it as positive whereas others might think otherwise

I am a strong believer of striving for perfection though this may contribute to the downfall of my career later on in life. I would go all out to perfect a project assigned to me regardless what are the outcomes would be.

While it may create a lot of unnecessary problems for myself as well as my poor colleagues along the way but nevertheless, we’d have gone through thick and thin and our understanding for each other would eventually get us through any tough periods we might experience. On and off, I am blessed with wonderful people surrounding me.

----------------End of Cover Letter-------------------

You made it this far???
Good. Cause I cheated and use the page down button to get here
Now this guy has style and a bad case of Illusion of Grandeur and that writing this long only gets you the first place in shredder and as the prime example of what you should not write in your cover letter.

Remember the KISS????

Keep It Simple, Stupid...


The Student said...

Hm, then how short should a cover letter be?

lakeside girl said...

Heh heh! It's so kua zhang. Seems like a load of hot air to me...

putitthisway said...

Try to keep it short and to the point.
Point out why you are relevant to the job and
basically market yourself in a concise way and not over the top..