Monday, September 12, 2005

Signs of our time.

If you think our English is atrocious, you should see the signs below.... Courtesy a Mr Simon Templar (Saint888) for finding all these and putting it up for me to steal.

Mind you, if you have kids, please do not let them read. I will not be responsible for any embarassing situation. If you happened to pull down your pants and wank, that is your own bloody business... neither your mum, your dad nor your wife has the right to bitch about this post. And that goes doubly for you too,

I will make sure with translation like that

He might as well fuck them all

Hmm..... isn't it easier to say condom

Now, that sick act is not even in the dictionary

Professional car surronder

And thank goodness, there is no photo evidence about mushroom that is dried... if not, they might have end up as evidence against them by the World prevention of cruelty to fungi

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