Monday, September 05, 2005

Illiad hitting a cord with Katrina

More than just sweeping past and leaving New Orleans in watery ruins,
it had left the question on the how alive and well the racist treatment is still runnning in the land of the free.

On top of that, Shoot to kill was the order of the day for looters, so much for fair trial and human rights.

Pillage, plunder, murder and rape was just some of the common sights and stories retold .

On a lighter note, bloggers do have something to be smug of as Illiad of Userfriendly shows that the traditional media may have their words eaten regarding bloggers.

Not that it is something to celebrate, in fact this is a time for our hearts to go out to those that perish in this tragedy....May the dead find peace and the mournings comforted

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