Thursday, September 29, 2005

I'm the guy...........

I'm the guy who is adding on to the long line of "I'm the guy.........."

I'm the guy who wrote this

I'm the son whom you wish to be more but never attain

I'm the boyfriend who will stay with you as long as you wish

I'm the ex-boyfriend who will never look back when we split

I'm that co-worker that will alays make time for you

I'm the guy who always seems to take thing easy

I'm the guy who surprise you with profanities when you expect only prim and proper behaviour

I'm the guy that hates to be interrrupted

I'm that husband who will wake up suddenly, sit on the chair and starts to blog about some unhappy dark thoughts.

I'm the guy which will sometime be so hard to reach as there is nothing inside but hurt.

I'm the guy who will write this in 10 mins which is all about who I am for the last 30+ years

I'm the guy who will prefer to smile at you and feel the gutwrenching pain inside

I'm the guy which can tell you what is done wrong and tell you in another statement that, I wen t down that path too.

I'm the guy that can tell you in a straight face what rules to follow and quietly suggesting you how to break those same rules

I'm the guy who wanted to ride a bike at all defiance only to be called a quiter when he does not sit for the exam.

If this guy is me, and that guy is Mercer, who, then, are you?

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