Monday, October 03, 2005

Marketing ideas that you can cook

Not everytime do we see marketing ideas that really pushed the boundary.

But I was amazed this morning when I see an invitation that arrived on my colleague's desk. While most invitations might got lost in the mailor be sent to the abyss of corporate junk mail, this will not get lost. The only likelihood is that this gets cooked....and that is not a figure of speach

In case you are wondering, it is a packet of beehoon and a rather sizable packet to boot. The mailing of that packet probably costed more than the packet of beehoon. Not sure about the printing though, but those very well could be done by the office laser printer.

If it wassent to me, I might just very well attend it to see what they have to offer as door gift.... probably the utensil that you can use to cook your invites and eat it.

Caveat : they do tell you that it is not advisable for consumption though.

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