Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A fine bunch of crooks aren't we?

Despite all said and done of this city and its people, we are a bunch of crooks.


We steal from public transport.

Yes, you read right, we steal from the public transport that brings us to where we want to, in style, entertained at a very very reasonable price and guess what, we steal from it.

Very difficult to fathom? No.

Which is why we have this law, which gives our esteemed Public Transport Council and its appointed sheriffs to check and catch if we were to cheat on our fares.

And recalticiant offenders will not only be fined but also jailed for being such nasty cretins.

And really, it will serve as a sterling example that thou shalt not steal and that despite the fact that the Ez-link card does not work well and charge you full fare when you have only take a bus for 4 stops And that in order to get that refund, you will need to travel to some designated area during office hours to get your refund.

Never mind that it is so difficult to get a cab and that everyone of them will prefer to boot you off when they get a call when you first board.

We must ensure that the privately owned public transport company not be cheated by foul miscreants least they be ran into bankruptcy when they are in the black for the longest stretch possible despite bad times.

Yes, this is necessary just so that we have a nation of people that will not cheat because it will send them straight to the Changi Chalet. Despite the common sense and simple morality that stealing is wrong. We are not to be trusted in no uncertain terms.

And they told me that we are not in a nanny state and we as matured citizens should solve our own problem. Well, maybe the transport companies need a nanny badly as we are like the bad bullies that steal candies from babies. What a role reversal.


lakeside girl said...


Shawn, what had happened to inspire you to write this entry? Share leh. ;)

And you play MapleStory!!! Haha! I will start to play as soon as i get my new pc.. Heehee.

lakeside girl said...

Hey you haven't told me why you are called Philip too!!! >:(

putitthisway said...

Sorry... I am phillip, not shawn...

And yes, I play Maple SEA

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