Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Safeguard your Blog

New Services to protect us

In the most recent development, a Singapore System Integrator Communication Machines Integrated has just partnered with a local law firm Long, Ibrahim, Andrew and Raj to save the local blogging and online community from their own word so to speak.

The join project called Blog and Internet Goodwill Online Transmission aims to address the issue that most bloggers and people online have no clue regarding the law.
“In fact, they do not even know their AGP from PCI-x and you expect them to know the law? Even I have problem with that,” Replies Mr Long Tai Ee who has many years experience in finance and law industry.

“We have this idea from my uncle, he used to run a business in Chinatown and took very good care of the stall owners for a small monthly fee,” said Mr. Aloysious Chow Beng,” We think that with the current situation, bloggers and people online need someone to look after them. We got lawyer now to help them to make sure they don’t say stupid things. And of course, if someone come to complain about the our customer, we can also settle everything outside.”

Blog and Internet Goodwill Online Transmission (BIGOT) for short, works for a low monthly subscription of $68.88 per user and $1688 per forum.

Individual user can send their blogs and post to the filter website for a certified lawyer to check the content for any racist, sexist, political and slanderous content.

The forum edition will have a certified lawyer to check through the post and change all offensive reference with *** or ### or any other symbol and letters of the forum’s choice. “One of our early tryouts has indicated that they would like to use Chee_ Soon_Chuan but we say cannot, so far, the most common is Fiona_Xie,” Said Mr Chow

Early sign-ups will be entitled to a free book titled “The Ah Long Way” while stock last and 10% discount for the first year.

A complimentary insurance service is also in the pipeline to be released. “We have interested underwriters which will want to work with us. They offer either mediation with both party or outright making the witness to forget what they say using state of the art technology of persuasion technology,” Added Mr Beng.

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