Thursday, September 29, 2005

Did we missed the point?

Well, the 2 guys were charged and the next guy due tomorrow. I guess it is set in the stone for whatever message that were meant to be said were passed in the form of judgments of the judge.

For some that cries about the death or lack of free speech, for those who writes in staunch defense for the action so far and for those who keeps claiming that blogs has no place as a substitute for the institution of the press.

You folks are missing the point. The whole idea that spawned blog is not as a replacement of news, we are not even in the business to supplement news reports and I guess nobody and I do mean nobody out there started out initially to be made famous or infamous as you would have it. Why then, are we doing what we are doing and to some, following it through with fervent zeal that could shame some full time writers?

It is about choice and ideas. Sitting through a presentation yesterday, I was told in no uncertain terms that everything collected by a monitoring system was data, processed and structured to become information. And that in a nutshell, is what press is about. It is to process what is happening and present to you, news which are in essence, information. The reason why we pay for it is because we receive information from it and that advertisement, which is another form of information, albeit very much geared towards influencing your buying decision is placed there just so you have the information of a product and they rouse your impulse to buy it or to let you know that you need to buy it because of your need.

Now, there is only so many businesses out there that will pay for ad space and that is what the media is fighting about. If bloggers gain enough influence and mindshare, would they not have much further reach to consumers? Would that not erode the traditional media in terms of ads dollar? You see, bloggers become now a rising threat to ads dollars and that is why we are at many a time, being seen as an imaginary adversary.

States and government would very much like to rein this free radical force of the faceless voice that thunders over the horizon as there is absolutely no control. Scary we are as a force which is wild and chaotic, contrary to the order of things that is to keep all in harmony and easy controls. Also considered rebellious and satirical as there is no governance and to issue every blog a MITA code and to sensor every single blogs out there might end out driving us back to negative unemployment all over again.

But we are not about information. We are about ideas, ideas that springs into our mind and that need to write it out and shared with all the faceless multitude out there. But yet, ideas are dangerous, if you do not believe me ask Einstein if he ever regretted to put the idea behind E=MC2 into practice and also explain why the Nobel peace prize is created by the father of modern explosive.

Ideas are just that, ideas, it is those who act on them that are the bold, and those who act on them without commonsense that is scary.

I mean, it is probably disgusting to see racist, sexist or any other bigotry remarks, those people who write that for all to see run a foul to law as with those who host p0rn. It is another thing to actually act on them. All I am saying is that, if you see a bad idea and act on them, don’t go blaming the one with the idea, it was you own decision taken to follow it through without engaging your brain. As what GOD said to Mercermachine, you are given a brain, put it to good use. I believe that ensure that ensures your well-being and the improvement of the human race as a race.

All I can say is that, blog on, use your brain when writing it and also to all those who read it, please, use your brain as well as I cannot and will not be responsible for your action if you choose not to exercise common sense.

I'm the guy...........

I'm the guy who is adding on to the long line of "I'm the guy.........."

I'm the guy who wrote this

I'm the son whom you wish to be more but never attain

I'm the boyfriend who will stay with you as long as you wish

I'm the ex-boyfriend who will never look back when we split

I'm that co-worker that will alays make time for you

I'm the guy who always seems to take thing easy

I'm the guy who surprise you with profanities when you expect only prim and proper behaviour

I'm the guy that hates to be interrrupted

I'm that husband who will wake up suddenly, sit on the chair and starts to blog about some unhappy dark thoughts.

I'm the guy which will sometime be so hard to reach as there is nothing inside but hurt.

I'm the guy who will write this in 10 mins which is all about who I am for the last 30+ years

I'm the guy who will prefer to smile at you and feel the gutwrenching pain inside

I'm the guy which can tell you what is done wrong and tell you in another statement that, I wen t down that path too.

I'm the guy that can tell you in a straight face what rules to follow and quietly suggesting you how to break those same rules

I'm the guy who wanted to ride a bike at all defiance only to be called a quiter when he does not sit for the exam.

If this guy is me, and that guy is Mercer, who, then, are you?

Dark Thoughts

Guess it was the proverdial straws that broke the camel's back when all the thoughts come to a boiling when I almost crush that new notebook under my knees before I sleep.

I had always understand that there is a dark under-belly that I associate with, for a lack of a better term, the human condition. The darker agenda that for self preservation or just for ones own needs and gratification that everything else can be put up in exchange for it and nothing is sacred, not loyalty not principle, in fact, as I have put it, nothing.

Everything in this day and age has a price tag to it even if it is something abstract.

A partnership and friendship which is about trust can be sold off. Without so much as a common decency to tell it. I had to find out one way or another that it has been used and to their very own end. What about the comon courtesy of telling.

Ones own turf is always worth guarding. But does it means thatyou have the right to trod down on everyone elses? What happened to team-work?

It is a sad day to associate the failing of people on someone you know and associate with. Sadder when it is yourself that is trying so hard to fight the urge to give in and for once, goes with them. I failed before and I do know that it is always the easy way....maybe that way is better if so many is taking it and prosper despite the price that others have to pay. Maybe I should as well, what price values and principle when they are the ones that stands in the way of success?

I am probably not making any sense, I am writing this as it is far better to ramble like a mad man then to have it all penned up inside.

I dobt that it will be read and analyse in much depth much less will the message hidden be understood. So be it.

I had my say and thats all that matters.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Farewell Old Girl

This is 1 of those day that I went through with both joy and a tinge of regret

My trusted aide, that huge, heavy and hardy Dell Latitude 610 has finally been put to rest and this will be the last day that I get to spend with her. She had probably went with me on more trips than my wife, in fact, she was with me even before I know my wife and that she went almost everywhere that I went (On business naturally) seen winter, connected home, work through those long night doing migrations, reports and email. She is still running fine, nothing a fresh format and a new battery wont restore her to her former glory. given her best years to serve 1 crazy owner that decided harddisk is meant to be filled to the brim. The RAM and CPU should run at 100 and that multi-task meaning quering, reporting, writing email while connecting to 5 other servers on RDP, VNC and net meeting.

Still running faithfully and that I had only need to change her keyboard just once due to my pounding style of typing emails.

Well, I am also looking forward to the new system as it saved me the need to save my data and reinstall the old Notebook. It also came packed with 3 USB2 port, WIFI and bluetooth as well as a SD card reader.Everything that I need and yes, DVD combo drive

Here she is.....

She is slim but just as buxom....packed as well.....I just wish that I can upgrade that old girl just so that she give this new one a run for her money.....

Monday, September 26, 2005

[Food] Alexandra Village Hawker Center

I love food, as do my wife, our constant battle against the bulge is a lost cause as we prefer good food to sensible diet.

Well, do allow me to regale you our findings of the better and the not so palatable of our findings :
(This time, no picture, I would do my utmost to shoot before devour in the future.)

Location : Alexandra Village

Proximity : Anchor Point, Queensway Shopping center, Alexandra Hospital and Former SAFRA Bukit Merah Clubhouse

Dishes : BBQ Sting-ray
Satay (Pork and Chicken)
Fried Carrot Cake

Drinks : Sugar Cane and Lemon Juice

Sting-ray and Hay-zor
The Sting-ray and Hay-zor came from the store that is of the Yummy King fame about grilled(BBQ) fish. The Stingray is done without much flaw but seriously, nothing to write home about. It is good but not great. Plenty of taste but nothing stands out. As for the Hay-zor, that is something else. It is fried to crispy perfection and the filling is made the old-school style with pork, shrimps and water-chestnut. Good with the supplied sweet sauce or just by itself.

The satay is good but a pity that the mutton was a sold-out before we can order. Think it was a busy night for them, so nothing too special. The sauce is old-school Chinese style with a tinge of pineapple which adds soem zesty tinge to it. It was really the redeeming factor to the otherwise standard fare satay.

Fried Carrot cake
Honestly, nothing to write home about. Have a feeling that it is again standard compromised by too many orders. I think the 1 at Redhill market will really give it a run for its money. Just hope that their other fares taste better.

The avocado juice is a favourite there as I can see the dark green beverage on almost every other table. It is rich and heady. The perfect compliment to a spread of spicy food. As for sugarcane juice, nuff say.

The place might not have alot of parking space but it sure brings in alot of crowds. We reached the place at about 8 and it is still bustling with activities. Its dark and quiet exterior belies its smokey and busy insides. The smoke of heady aromas of the numerous roast and grills will make your cloths smell delicious on your way back.
Not a place for the less adventurous or looking for a clean quiet dine out. It is alive, loud and with the smoke to boot (Not from cigarette, but I guess you can probably get away with a sneak puff if you want to). A good place for large gathering as everyone will be spoilt for choice.

Like I say, no picture this time.....As I only realised that after I am done with the food.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Cinderella Man

Just saw the show tonight in Bukit Batok.

It was well worth the mad rush for us to chase 1 bus and the following MRT after a hurried dinner.

The missues was wondering if we were in the wrong cinema and the wrong seats in the first place, but the show subsequently brought us over and that it was a gripping show from the start to the end.

I will not go much into the details, just that for all the guys out there, bring your wife/girlfriend along to watch it. For all the ladies, you might not like this show as Russell is being bloodied and abused in more ways that I care to count. But hell, there is plenty of hunks for the ladies to drool over. And yes, he surpass himself this time in looking homely and stupid (read blur blur).

What the show is about?
It is all about faith, faith in what you believe in, the people you believe in and how this faith gives them the drive towards their goal and passion even when you are not sure.

Its about hope in times of despair, a boxer that embodies hopes and comeback.
It talks about how one man is the inspiration of many during his time of setback and the never wavering believe that he will overcome and succeed. And that he did.

My wife's opinion is that the only thing she derived, will be that, if I were to write this blog till 3 in the morning, while she might disagree, she will still back me up 120%. No, no free pass to Geylang or the 7 level of sins.........Not going there anyway.

The only sad thing is that, this show has been now sidelined as it does not have the big marketing hype as some other show. Catch it while you can with your love one and do come out affirm that it is you and your love and faith in one another that will sustain one another in times of trial and tribulation.

Ok, write this till 3 I will not. A quick shower and the nice cozy bed awaits.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I am so XXX rated

Or rather my blog is.

I was going through my Stats Counter to see where everybody is coming from. And to my surprise, I saw this interesting search that yields my page.

Now that was surprising. I never realized that I had blogged something about a free fuck.

And I read on the search and found that I actually put down those words in one of the post

And Bill wonders why MSN search never trash Google

Now, I guess the guy who actually clicked thru thought that the name of the blog is about putting something some ways into somewhere. I have a good idea where that visitor is from but the IP address of that poor chap will not be disclosed as I think that he/she wants to spend time getting it for free.

And also, this is something I learnt from search engine optimisation. Put in words here and there and it will be searched. Put a Seditious title and you get to see the judge but putting those words on the sly in the body will ensure that people sees it when they do searches.....

Well, so much for trying to stay decent with the blog.

I should have stuck to dirty poems to begins with.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A fine bunch of crooks aren't we?

Despite all said and done of this city and its people, we are a bunch of crooks.


We steal from public transport.

Yes, you read right, we steal from the public transport that brings us to where we want to, in style, entertained at a very very reasonable price and guess what, we steal from it.

Very difficult to fathom? No.

Which is why we have this law, which gives our esteemed Public Transport Council and its appointed sheriffs to check and catch if we were to cheat on our fares.

And recalticiant offenders will not only be fined but also jailed for being such nasty cretins.

And really, it will serve as a sterling example that thou shalt not steal and that despite the fact that the Ez-link card does not work well and charge you full fare when you have only take a bus for 4 stops And that in order to get that refund, you will need to travel to some designated area during office hours to get your refund.

Never mind that it is so difficult to get a cab and that everyone of them will prefer to boot you off when they get a call when you first board.

We must ensure that the privately owned public transport company not be cheated by foul miscreants least they be ran into bankruptcy when they are in the black for the longest stretch possible despite bad times.

Yes, this is necessary just so that we have a nation of people that will not cheat because it will send them straight to the Changi Chalet. Despite the common sense and simple morality that stealing is wrong. We are not to be trusted in no uncertain terms.

And they told me that we are not in a nanny state and we as matured citizens should solve our own problem. Well, maybe the transport companies need a nanny badly as we are like the bad bullies that steal candies from babies. What a role reversal.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Din know that I am Fire

Courtesy of the student

Thanks for the comment and this fun link

Never know that I am the fire sort.....

Your element is Fire: Strong, hot tempered,
powerful, and passionate. Well now lets see,
being fire you are quite strong and powerful,
people look up to you greatly and often seek
your protection. You have the ability to gain
many friends and you are always one people can
count on to do what you say you will do. You
are extremely loyal be it friends or family
you'll stick up for them and you are never
willing to put them in a position that could
hurt them. You know what roll you play in life,
leader, and you intend to let people know it.
Not everyone is capable of leadership but you
certainly have the willpower and flare to do
it. You have quite a temper if it shows itself,
one that can often lead you into trouble. Once
your mind is made up there is no changing it
but no one said that was a bad thing.

.:-|What is your true element?|-:. -With Anime Pictures and detailed answers-
brought to you by Quizilla

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Please make me a manager.....Please....

Just saw it off a mail somewhere by someone who wants to be a sales manager....
And mind you, not me

-------Start of cover letter------------------
A man striving for success in the business world will meet ups and downs in his career path. In my own small world, significant achievements are few and far between due to the nature of my position within the company itself. However, there are a few occasions which made me a very proud man standing out, as if a shining star whom out-shines others in the dark sky of the night

Being a Business Development & Marketing executive in the company will allow me to be in-charge of liaising with customers on projects assigned, as well as marketing company’s products through successful marketing campaigns. Thus, by making profit for the company, I will not only uphold my company’s reputation and further enhance it within its field of competition.

I will ensure the delivery of the highest quality services and maintenance of excellent long-term partnership with my clients. Seeing my clients’ facial expression filled with joy and excitement upon the completion of every successful project will be evidence that my mission was accomplished. My heart would be filled with tears of joy as I know it’s time to say goodbye and seek for a new beginning in life.

Being an easy-going and yet humble person often enables myself to meet new people and know more friends, which is a necessity in one’s life. Being equipped with a strong understanding of one’s strengths and weaknesses allows me to gain more friends than foe. With a larger social circle, help will be easily sought for, should the need arise.

I’m ever open and willing to accept new ideas but I’ll look at them carefully before implementing these ideas into my projects. Being an interpersonal individual, able to communicate freely with colleagues, seeking advice or exploring new marketing opportunities in the field are critical.

Being able to work independently on projects or should the need arises, I am more than willing to integrate myself into a team and function as a team player.

Nobody is perfect in this world. There will always be a positive and negative side in a person. I am a stubborn person, I would go all the way out to prove or protect whoever or whatever should I deem fit. Sometimes, people might view it as positive whereas others might think otherwise

I am a strong believer of striving for perfection though this may contribute to the downfall of my career later on in life. I would go all out to perfect a project assigned to me regardless what are the outcomes would be.

While it may create a lot of unnecessary problems for myself as well as my poor colleagues along the way but nevertheless, we’d have gone through thick and thin and our understanding for each other would eventually get us through any tough periods we might experience. On and off, I am blessed with wonderful people surrounding me.

----------------End of Cover Letter-------------------

You made it this far???
Good. Cause I cheated and use the page down button to get here
Now this guy has style and a bad case of Illusion of Grandeur and that writing this long only gets you the first place in shredder and as the prime example of what you should not write in your cover letter.

Remember the KISS????

Keep It Simple, Stupid...

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Safeguard your Blog

New Services to protect us

In the most recent development, a Singapore System Integrator Communication Machines Integrated has just partnered with a local law firm Long, Ibrahim, Andrew and Raj to save the local blogging and online community from their own word so to speak.

The join project called Blog and Internet Goodwill Online Transmission aims to address the issue that most bloggers and people online have no clue regarding the law.
“In fact, they do not even know their AGP from PCI-x and you expect them to know the law? Even I have problem with that,” Replies Mr Long Tai Ee who has many years experience in finance and law industry.

“We have this idea from my uncle, he used to run a business in Chinatown and took very good care of the stall owners for a small monthly fee,” said Mr. Aloysious Chow Beng,” We think that with the current situation, bloggers and people online need someone to look after them. We got lawyer now to help them to make sure they don’t say stupid things. And of course, if someone come to complain about the our customer, we can also settle everything outside.”

Blog and Internet Goodwill Online Transmission (BIGOT) for short, works for a low monthly subscription of $68.88 per user and $1688 per forum.

Individual user can send their blogs and post to the filter website for a certified lawyer to check the content for any racist, sexist, political and slanderous content.

The forum edition will have a certified lawyer to check through the post and change all offensive reference with *** or ### or any other symbol and letters of the forum’s choice. “One of our early tryouts has indicated that they would like to use Chee_ Soon_Chuan but we say cannot, so far, the most common is Fiona_Xie,” Said Mr Chow

Early sign-ups will be entitled to a free book titled “The Ah Long Way” while stock last and 10% discount for the first year.

A complimentary insurance service is also in the pipeline to be released. “We have interested underwriters which will want to work with us. They offer either mediation with both party or outright making the witness to forget what they say using state of the art technology of persuasion technology,” Added Mr Beng.

Details of this service can be found on
Enquires can also be made via

I Wish

10 Observations

Throughout my years of experience with end-users, I have come out with the following observations:
1). They have no clue about IT

2). They are wrong

3). When they are right, and you are wrong, refer to number 2

4). All things taught in the inhouse course will be forgotten

5). all self-help guide only helped the IT staff to waste time writing them

6). If they attended a course, they expect you to tell them what they forgot, least you become an incompetent staff

7). the only thing you can trust a user to do without fail with their computer is to screw it up

8). The program that you are not able to quickly fix is the 1 that they need it most

9). While they can wait for their car to be sent to the garage to be fixed, you have to solve all their computer problem on the phone in 3 easy steps under 5 minute

10). Users loath helpdesk.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Of elephants, witches and bigots

The bookie might be right as the election is around the corner, or that national day was over, but nothing prepared Vivian as he visit Buangkok. No ladies on the bar top, nor was there a cabaret of hunk dancing for him....elephants, white elephants, 8 to be exact, placard white and expensive looking, not something you can get from a children art class. They had a point and the point was that big white elephant that nobody in Buangkok gets to use. Buangkok MRT Station.
Vivian say point noted, Mps got alerted. police sayed 999 called and they will have to investigate.

The point of Bunagkok MRT not opening has been discussed till death. what is more interesting is that there is actually people putting a big subtle (not ver) sign during a scheduled visit of MPs to make their point noted. Not only did he raise eye brows, the person that done it has also managed to raise that veil that Singaporean a re a happy lot contended with their pickings. As I say, nothing but a thin veil. If 1 prowls the web. it is not surprising to hear disenting voice about government and policies but more in general how hard it is to live in Singapore. A generally political apathic bunch, but once bread and butter issue is at stake, trust Singaproean to make their voices heard. And in this case, seen. And in this case, things come to a boiling and embodies itself on 8 white elephant.

It was not a bomb, nobody need to come out and claim responsibility, but what follows is nothing short of witch hunt and no shortage of outcrys against it. While yes, the 1 who put those up did championed an apparant good cause, they broke the law nonetheless. Outcries for leniency is common and that while police is carrying out the investigation, there seems to be some murmurring among the grassroot members there, certain dissent....

Well, as far as the man/men/woman/women behind the elephant wish to remain as it is and not to be made known their idnetity, this is not acceptable. Which I put it in a way that I would prefered.

On one hand, the authority would like to know who is behind this and if there is an agenda which is political

While the media managed to stir up much needed hype to sell more air time.... they also ended up bringing a ground swell in support of the people that spawned the white elephants.

This set a dangerous precedent. That someone can take the easy road to political prominent as being a cause celebre by championing such popular cause on the popular side. I doubt that anyone entrenched would like to see this happening as this will put too much clout of public opinon against them. As shown clearly in this case and the previous case of Mr Durai vs SPH.

The populace are a power and this case, best left dormant. stirring it up by a face unkown in no more than a white elephant placard is a dangerous weapon. without unmasking the face behind the elephant, noone will sleep peacefully.

And the power that be knows the power of the mass stirred up, which in recent case, as the media so put it, 2 bloggers had been bought to court under the sedition act. And act that as far as I had known, not put to such a high profile cases and definetly not for something posted on the internet. While voicing of dissent is fine, pmaking a parody of the establishment can be laughed at. stirring up racial dissent is something that we had seen in the early year of this nation to a bloody end. it is not something that we would like to repeat again. And yet, to some quarters, the very act of hauling the 2 bigots to court act also as a warning bell that maybe the big brother will now have a very close look of what is being said on the net and bloggers especially, should now look into their post and archives and start to edit them carefully. Yet I fear all this, will just bring us back to where we were again and stop having activist among us that raises topics of our interest and hoping that the establishment will solve the big problem while we the citizen, as 1 united people go forth and chase our own dreams.

Isn;t this deviating from making us more vibrant, guess the thousand flower need more help cause they are not really blooming, except the weeds.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Signs of our time.

If you think our English is atrocious, you should see the signs below.... Courtesy a Mr Simon Templar (Saint888) for finding all these and putting it up for me to steal.

Mind you, if you have kids, please do not let them read. I will not be responsible for any embarassing situation. If you happened to pull down your pants and wank, that is your own bloody business... neither your mum, your dad nor your wife has the right to bitch about this post. And that goes doubly for you too,

I will make sure with translation like that

He might as well fuck them all

Hmm..... isn't it easier to say condom

Now, that sick act is not even in the dictionary

Professional car surronder

And thank goodness, there is no photo evidence about mushroom that is dried... if not, they might have end up as evidence against them by the World prevention of cruelty to fungi

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Good Luck Flagging

Yes, got quite pissing mad this morning. No thanks to a bunch of money grabbing cab drivers and their worse counterpart, the taxi company.

Why? I got out slightly late and missed the bus to central, which inadvertently miss the company bus. What I do next left me felt like a keg of explosive ready to explode.

Taxi Stand
If you think that this is a place where taxi will stop for the people standing there, I am sorry to tell you that you are wrong. It's a place that either forms a queue of cab or a queue of people calling for cab. So, what went wrong? Are we that obsessive compulsive that we need to queue just to call for a cab? What happen to hand-phone? We might as well remove it and put up more phone both for the potential to call their cab company of choice. We should have another line for cabbies to just wait there till 12 mn just so they can start picking up fares that are willing to pay surcharges.

Have it ever occur to you that even if you flag down a cabbie, you can still be turned down? Never? Well I did, a few times in fact. The most recent being that I board this cab that just dropped off a fare, after telling the cabbie my destination, a beeping occur and he tells me that he cannot send me to my destination, what the fuck. No choice, trust me to have faith that the taxi stand is for you to wait and not to call the cab company which will take ages to tell you that there is no cab for you. How I wish I can call collect and let them measure the waiting time and charge it to their phone bill. I always have this belief that if someone make the line toll-free, cab company might go bankrupt by now, not because we are all nasty tight wads but the length of waiting could be somewhere between 3 to 30mins depending on how much you feel like slamming the phone. And the cabbies have the audacity to tell in your face that they can’t wait 5 mins because they need to make a living and that it doesn’t really matter to them if they are late for 10 mins due to road conditions while cars dashing here and there at 90KM/H.
And those lights are misleading. There was twice that I flag down cabs form you know which company that have coloured indicator regarding on-call, hired or available. No, they do not matter. For a few time, I have flagged down and shooed off cabs with green lights while the cabbies have the audacity to asked me if I had booked their cab. 1 surly driver even questioned if I was colour blind. Trust me, it took a lot of restrain to not drag him down his bloody throne and out into the real world to see that the stupid light is green. Once or twice is fine, to have the same stunt pulled over and over drives me to this conclusion: Dirty, lowdown, rotten curs, every single one of them that pulled that stunt. But of course, these are the bad eggs, quite a handful but not all of them are rotten.

Cab Company
They are just as bad; in fact, they might very well be the scourge of all this ills that befell us. First off, every call that you make to book a cab, they get part of it. This is on top of the cab rental and all. Guess whose pocket you are helping to line every time that you call for a cab. They are also the 1 that decides the fare structure, and that they have a herd mentality when 1 goes up, the other will follow. Only 1 company will usually buck the trend, but calling them will only get you the busy tone. And that it is only for a limited period, after which, there really will be no difference. If you look at our fare structure, it is really a piece of work as they will have to have 2 column of a B5 paper in size 6 font to put in most of it. Not to mentioned that boarding at certain places have another surcharge. I am just wondering if they will do the same for surcharges in Orchard road and Suntec any time soon

All I can say to those who needs to flag down a cab. Good Luck, you need it.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Illiad hitting a cord with Katrina

More than just sweeping past and leaving New Orleans in watery ruins,
it had left the question on the how alive and well the racist treatment is still runnning in the land of the free.

On top of that, Shoot to kill was the order of the day for looters, so much for fair trial and human rights.

Pillage, plunder, murder and rape was just some of the common sights and stories retold .

On a lighter note, bloggers do have something to be smug of as Illiad of Userfriendly shows that the traditional media may have their words eaten regarding bloggers.

Not that it is something to celebrate, in fact this is a time for our hearts to go out to those that perish in this tragedy....May the dead find peace and the mournings comforted