Monday, October 17, 2005

Romantic cartilage?

In case you are wondering, it is still not time yet for you to start calling SANA, and this has nothing to do with joint conditioning and my wife, not me is the expert on that.

This post was actually something which transpires between me and my wife. Nope, no raunchy details here, we were talking.......In case you find it weird, it is something that 2 person or more can do, mostly on a daily basis, it involve using mouth to produce audible and comprehensive sound which we call language. If you still have problem understand all that, I suggest you go back to school.

It was actually in light of the mounting of issues at home that I realized that, there is a simple, relevant analogy to it all. An analogy which my wife understood easily and I hope that most people do gets it. This is actually more in line with a recent thread in SPUG which talks about married man in general not being romantic.

The question which I would like to post back is, would you expect your cartilage to be romantic to you?

Why cartilage? That is the crux of the question. Most of the time, should the married couple stay with their in-laws, normally the father-in-laws are the easier one to deal with. They normally keep to themselves and leave everyone alone or are normally the person which is neither see nor hear. I am no expert in fatherly figures as I did not have 1 throughout much of my formative years.

What I can share with you is the other in laws normally known as mother-in-laws. There had been more material, either in real life or reel life about the conflict between the wife and the mother of the husband. They say that art imitates life, so all the stories in real, reel or books are probably in a way, not too far from actual facts that plays themselves day in and day out in a family near you.

Now, imagine that under one roof, the relationship betweens the wife and the mother is like 2 joint, and right in the middle of it, is the cartilage which is filled by the husband. Not the most enviable position, I would say. And why? The cartilage in this case, plays the roles of the be all and ends all to reduce all friction between the 2 joints. The cartilage is the soft liquid that takes in all the impact between the 2 joint and acts in the best ways possible to prevent the 2 joint from crashing. And what happens when the cartilage is worn out? Let's just say major pain. And that most of the time, it is beyond repair.

Doctors would have told you that the only way is through operations or regular injections of cartilage to ease the pain. But in the case of marriage, it is either that both side rethinks and note of their behaviors or in the case of operations as analogy, to put distance or to separate. Space works wonders as it reduces friction.

So, I besiege the ladies. Be it that you are the wife/in-law. Please, spare a thought for the cartilage that is caught in between.

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