Monday, October 24, 2005


I know that something was wrong with myself for the past 2 days when my head felt heavier. Today was really bad that I felt groggy and even sounded dfferent.

So, after a while in the office, I decided to call it quits and went to visit the company's doctor. got the rest of the day off as MC. Had a good 3 hour worth of sleep and that, while I still feel like shit, at least I am getting better.


The Student said...

Hm? Headache? Too much stress or just stared too long at the monitor? Get well soon, ancient relic, your warranty is not over yet.

Iris said...

Hey take care.. Especially with the rainy weather, its so easy to catch a chill..


putitthisway said...

thanks, I am feeling better now..... in fact, was blogging till my comp was commandeered by "she whom I cannot refuse"