Monday, October 03, 2005

Paradise lost

Paradise lost

It was a sad weekend for those in Bali. A 2 year reprise saw another renew attacked on the paradise. Not 1, not 2, but 3 blasts brought the fire and the bang to the beach that had almost forgotten the terror.

Last confirmed number of fatality was at 27. Still more is mounting. The lament of those who has lost their love ones is probably, why? Was it done in the name of religion and jihad or was there some other forces at work?

I would not write off the political factor to throw the scent off the recent oil price surge. In fact, without any circumstantial evidence, that would be one school of thought, those that is probably in favor by the conspiracy theorists and I do I know a few of them.
IF it was done in the name of Jihad to rid the evil influence of the west and it decadent oppression. Dude, you are aiming at the wrong target. While the number of foreigners that congregate at that spot is probably high, why not try Sydney city center or for that matter, New York, or even better, go the whole hog and remove the white house or Downing street? Too tough for those curs that calls themselves terrorists? I guess they probably tremble in fear when asking them to fly into USA, as they will probably be lynched. Those that died and bringing all those bystanders which those would either like to be branded as the casualty of this war against terror or in jihadi talk, the infidel and the traitors that consort with the infidel, the dead are dead, the maimed scarred and maybe for life. They probably did not even lift a hand in the so call suppression. In fact, their being there helped the economy that would help to get some of the people in that locality a better life and to stay gainfully employed. The three curs that performed this act are a sad example of the genetic semblance of Homo sapiens. Calling them human is an insult to the entire race and should there be a mastermind, hope that he be caught and be sent to deepest pits of hell and be consign there till hell freezes over. Not before he is being pelt and stoned and have all his limbs and flash removed piece by excruciating piece.

As for the dead, may they rest in peace. While I would like to say that they die for a cause, but I am sorry to say that their death was in a way, a bloody and meaningless death that serves little purpose and that their death tell us one thing is that there is no safe place on earth. Not in Iraq, not in Europe or United States and definitely not in Bali or for that matter, any place on this earth. So long as men and their strife not put aside, there be no peace on this land least the price of eternal vigilance is paid. While this is a time to call for the blood of those behind this dastardly deed and for them to be put to justice, this is also a time for mourning and healing. A time to rebuild what is lost, not just in the brick and wooden wall blown up, lifes that was left in tatters, but also, the confidence and also the fibre of the people who face once again a terrible transgression against them. If there was something to be said is that, even paradise is not spare the brutal side of destiny and that it will only truly be lost if we laid it to waste and left it in ruin. Paradise can be rebuilt if we allow the healing to take place. The violence to be reconcile and if need be, to guard it vigilantly against those that by envy or their own deep dark ambition and lust for destruction, tears it to shreds one more time.

This is also a time for truth and to find out the truth behind all these, and to bring them to justice not because it is any comfort, but to prevent them for perpetrating such crimes ever again. More importantly, there is a need for equality even the seeming lack of it, bring forth the thinking and set them to such paths.  

What is more frightening is that, this is all happening not at another corner of the globe but just at our doorstep. It happened at a place which some of us would go to, regularly for some. Would this tide of terror sweep to our shore? Not for their lack of effort though. We were fortunate that one such cell among our midst were removed before they can act. Woes be onto us should there be some that slipped through our grasp and be allow to carry out the act of terror within our shore.  Despite what we want to believe, we are vulnerable indeed and there would be no defence against them except for us to be on our guard, not just for today and tomorrow but as long as terrorism is not a historical term.


Paddy Tan said...

Yup, couldnt agree more with you.
These guys are just sick to go around bombing everyone that dont subscribe to the same belief. :(

Iris said...

I would say their whole idea is not to kill people per se but to send a message, lest anyone forgot about their presence.

And then again, the act itself is just a symptom of a greater ill, a social one, that is. Wars that are being fought in the name of religion are just the same as wars that are being fought in the name of race. They reek of something greater or perhaps I should say, more evil, at work. Why would these people want to kill themselves so as to send a message? I would say its either out of deep hatred or out of pure ignorance or stupidity. Either way, it perpetuate a cycle of violence and selfish acts.

Whatever the case, lets pray for the dead and the injured... And also don forget about the suicide bombers. They are victims too, of their ignorance and hatred. In the end, everyone lose. So do we, when we are cursing and swearing at the perpetrators without knowing or understanding the reason why they did such a thing...

putitthisway said...

Agreed, was quite angry when I was thinking about those who got kill for nothing, just hpe that they find peace and those who lost their love ones finds solace.

Paddy Tan said...

Personally, I feel that education is a very impt tools to the many that follows blindly without much thinking thru what the hell they are doing to themselves and others. Without the necessary thinking tools, many are just blind faithful servants following whatever direction is pointed to them just to get the msg across.