Thursday, October 06, 2005

Its alive

The last few day was on a tether as my trusted T3 did not survived her operation which would have given her a longer lease of life, more run time out from her. Yes, I was replacing her battery.

Met with Samson in Micheal's office last Saturday with a small group of like minded individual which decided that T3 is too good a machine to let something like an aging crappy battery to take it out. Hell, if Palm wants us to shell out more mola, they should at least upgrade their model rather than waltzing in a 3 step forward and 2 step dance of upgrade which just tease and fails to deliver.

I was soldering everyone else battery and all except for mine ran fine. The thicker battery made it bounce on its screen with joy and I guess the little bugger is just too happy that she decided to bounce on the screen. Samson claims that it is due to the bulkier and thicker battery but I guess thats the conspiracy to make us think that our T3 does not have a personality and are not alive.

To my horror, my T3 refused to come up,the charges did not hold and so she actually has no recollection and will not power up lease she is hooked up to her life support cradle.

So, back to the drawing board and to Micheal's studio yesterday where a smaller group of us decided to go at it one more time. Toufu had some problemwith his as he decided that the battery foil cram his style which resulted in a battery melt down. Clear masking tape saved the day and prevented Toufu from turning into a nut due to lithium overdose. Samson made record time by single handedly replaced 2 batteries for the guys which did not made it last saturday.

As for me, found that one of the clip came off the protection circuit and that resoldering a new clip with some remaing lead worked for me and Viola, my little T3 (Now must call her T3.5) is back after happily recharging over the night. She almost caused me my sleep as some older application does not agrees with her.

Anyway, she is back now with more power. Hmm......The Wifi SD card looks mighty attractive.

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