Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Some thoughts and a new look

For those that only start visitng this page recently, first of all, a warm welcome and hello. For those that had been visiting since day 1, this is actually for you.

First off, thank you for actually bothered to read thoughts that I have, some dark, some satirical. And those who commented, thank you, for words of encouragement and comments to make me write better.

No, I am not closing this down. More likely to tell you about this new look. First off, the words should appear bigger to make it seems that I am writing longer. Actually, the length of entry is about the same as I am normally spent after 1 1/2 page.

I added links to some which had linked tome. If you think there is some link you like to see here, prey tell. I have added the link to which is a business venture of Mr Tomato75 and his partners. The link is just below the advertisment link on top of the Google Ads. And No, Paddy, I am not going to charge you for that, rest assured.

You are always welcome to drop me a mail to talk about anything under the sun. I included not 1, but 2 of my email address, both which I checked regularly if not daily.

All in all, do let me know how I can be better in both my post and to improve this page. And that if you have something to say, just say it, I might not agree but I will not take you to court.

A little bit about myself: I was almost a Poly drop-out which spent too many years for my own good in the military, if you find my english bad, my apologies as I am using this as a way to improve my bad english and sometimes mandarin. Online, I hang out either in SPUG forum or in a online game called Maple Story. Who I am in the forum is no great mystery and who I am in Maple-sea on the server called Aquilia, I will leave that unanswered for now.

Lastly, welcome, enjoy, be comfortable, and don't hesitate to drop me a line or a comment.


The Student said...

*Drops a comment. Well, hope this doesn't offend you. Nah, don't think u will be but your posts are plagued with lots of errors. You need someone to help you correct them..

putitthisway said...

go ahead.....really, I know that my english is terrible...cut, paste, and edit the way you like it...then send it back for me to does that sounds?

Iris said...

I hope you don mind me correcting you too. it should be "how does that sound?" Anything after "does" should be in plural form.

By the way, I have always wanted to tell you this but did not have the chance to do it. I think you should simplify your sentences, sometimes its too long and too chim to understand..! :D remember, KISS?

Anyway, I like this post of yours the most, especially how you introduce yourself.. :)

putitthisway said...

please, please, keep them coming, if not, I cannot post better.

And thanks for all the comments. I will try to keep to them.

And Iris, must learn to relax a bit too......

Iris said...

Yah, I definitely need to relax and take things less seriously...

*takes a deep deep breathe*

The Student said...

sounds like work...haha. I will do it when I'm free. Yup.