Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Thrice-born Trinity

Yupe, this is the number of time that I could still recount restoring Triniy due to 1 problem or another. And in case you are wondering, Trinity is not Neo's mainsqueeze in this case, she is my computer. I enjoy giving quirky names to my computer. It was Skynet then Trinity. And if you must know, my wife's PC is affectionately knonw as Volkswagen.

Trinity was grouchy for the past few month, refusing to boot and citing missing NTFS.sys ever so conveniently. I had to do the ultimate... reformat......So far, so good. At least you see this blog coming off Trinity.......This came after I finally fixed up Volkswagen's refusal to boot up... The caus? Speakers that doesn't seems to just speak, but suck out every functional capability of poor little Volks......And to think we were so close to calling it quits and upgrade her.

Just hope that she stay this way till I have enough spare cash to give her a new lease of life with the AMD64 processor, another 1 more GB of Ram and a new graphic card which can render all the FPS in their true glory........

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