Monday, October 17, 2005

The need to be made happy easily

It has came to a crushing realization that the scientist is right about happiness being nothing more than some chemicals released into the brain.

As people went on the crusade for the holy grail of happiness, it is startling to realized that the first step to happiness is that, you need to have a low threshold for happiness.

In case you starts to call SANA to bust me for possession of controlled substance to be able to tell you something like that, stop and listen as I will just tell you the simple truth to happiness.

It is very simple. You have to allow yourself to be happy. Sounds difficult?

Just ask yourself; What will make you truly happy?
And then ask again; How do you go about to achieve that?
And now,ask yourself; How does getting it and making you happy has any relation whatsoever?

And if you are stuck at the last question, you will realize that it is not the pursuit of certain thing that will make you happy. But to achieve a certain thing or the sign that you achieved certain thing that will truly grant happiness. Now, look at it this way, I felt miserable for quite a while and sometimes I get angry for not doing certain things or for not having certain things done the way I wanted to. But I allow myself to first, let it go from my mind, to not harp on not achieving happiness or the need to have in possession what I asked for. To let it go is perhaps the hardest part but this is therapeutic. As this allows you to stop and think if you have been on the wrong track all along. It allows re-examination of goals and what perceived as goals could be a fool's errand. To then decide if pursuing this goal is worth your time or not, to have milestones instead of a final goal. Recharge and go forward.

All I can say is in 2 lines,

Happiness is always within reach if you know what you are looking for and not aim for the sky

Pursuing happiness can be miserable as a process and a goal if you got it all wrong.

I sure hope I am making sense to you and hope that you can and will be happy.


Paddy Tan said...

'If you happy and you know it, clap your hand.. clap clap'.

Totally agreed with you, it is up to oneself how you wanna finish the day or start one. :)

putitthisway said...

heee....its all up there....