Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Did I signed up for this?

It has been more than 4 years since I left my previous job and came to where I am today.

I could still remember the long hours spent in the server room and the odd hours which I require to wake up. Working from 6 to 12 means 6am to 12 midnight.... could still remember how thankless and sometime the feeling of helplessness when facing a situation knowing that it is just 2 different routes to hell.....

Could actually remembers the people who started off colleagues and ended up as friends and people which I regarded highly turns out to be a major disappointment.....And how putting to a place of eminence or duress is the easiest a person shows you what they are made of and their unmaking.

It was that depressing and worst at times to time when it is only by yourself that you have to take up the burden and handle the responsibility. Time when I reached Australia at 6 in the morning with a bad case of flu only to hear that the servers in Singapore that just went production were down and nobody was able to connect to it.

It was also a time that I lamented not taking up offers that came my way which could have seen me away from this shore to a possibility of better prospect.

If there is a few things I was taught in all this.......

Adversity might drown you, but they make you who you are and leave you better of the wear.

Loyalty to people might be a worthy pursuit, selling your hearts and soul to a will always sell yourself short

Do your honest day job and tomorrow will always be another challenge.

To those that I know back then, all the best in whatever you do.

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