Wednesday, October 19, 2005

X-ditious blogs

It wasn’t that long ago when someone just branded blogging with porn and guess what? Just when we thought that the whole debacle with racist blogger has finally come to an end, some blogs which were a bit racy made it to the press and was given quite a bit of space. No, blogging as a form of expression be it the bearing of one’s flesh or the telling of the more raunchy opinion and sexual conquest be it real or fictional, should not come as any surprise.

But such content be it new or 3 yrs old, will be consider the mother lode of media fodder to be feed to the public. What it does is to post such articles, claiming journalistic right and moral high ground. Those uptight prudes out to save the world from moral decline will spend time to write high brow article to condemn the bloggers which show and tell…. While those dirty old men will gladly pay the newsman to read and to take it all in, articles, bosoms, tirades and all.

And I am pretty sure that those bloggers will most likely be hauled in for their sex-ditious blogs as they probably ran afoul of the law here which will interpret their acts as publishing and distributing objectionable material. That is unless the letter of the law has been changed recently.

However, all I can say is that this is a crying shame. The epitome of entrepreneurships is being snip in the bud all for some letter of law which has seen the better of its day. Do I sound ridiculous, allow me to elaborate.

We are now in the age of knowledge whereby information is power and in a sense, money. Imagine that the press can generate so much hype in Singapore, The hype that they can generate worldwide. All we need to do is to ensure that no minors will incidentally venture into those sites with objectionable content. Rather than removal, I advocate control. Control in the form of age check and verification through credit card which has been an industrial trial and tested method. And of course, nothing so good and having page loads in the range of the Toto jackpot should be allowed free, lets charge them and if this is good, people will pay for it. In fact, they can venture beyond picture and words, they can have live telecast, 1 on 1 “conversation” as well as prodcast of them either talking or engaging in activities. This will certainly spice up the dismal showing of Singaporean’s performance in certain nocturnal activity and probably boost our falling birth rate by a bit. All I am saying is that, if we can legalize Geylang, we can legalize this. And in the mean time boost our GDP as well as to solve our population problem.. Killing so many birds with just a few stones and of course, those bloggers income will be taxable making this a win-win situation for all.
While some find bearing themselves to the world on their blogs gratifying enough, we can always add another dimension by making it more rewarding in so many ways. And to the prudes that will protest, think of the greater common good…….


The Student said...

Credit cards? Gee, what about us youngsters? Are we suppose to get them from papa and mama? Dude, ever since the internet broke loose, all hell broke loose. No one can control the internet.Not to say we shouldn't try...but haha, from what we have seen so's kinda hard to try to prevent, all we been doing is clean-up jobs.

putitthisway said...

youngsters.......if you have no enough money... you cannot get honey.,... not those pro-bloggers anyway....And you are right... internet is a beast that refused to be caged in