Monday, October 10, 2005

The one that got away

It should have been over, or very close to the end of the whole episodes of racist bloggers being hauled to jail for their lack of better judgment, their lack of discretion, their hot headedness and their deviation from the norm and the very words that could be a spark that blows up the so-call racial harmony.

While at it, we have people that called this a season of fear that is used to shut the bloggers up, there are also some that either called for those 3 bloggers blood, the removal of the racial reference in the sedition act, the reference of race to be removed from our identification. And then, there are also some voices that called for the 4th (or the first) blogger to be brought to justice, the scholar whose racial reference that were uncovered, then protected and then being brought to the attention of a nation that were still coming to terms to a bunch of crazy lunatics that rants and bares all on the Internet which is also known as bloggers. It seems like that there is one that got away. As far as most people is concerned, reprimanded by the one that pays your tuition in the form of a scholarship and getting into the slammers is of a world of difference. Why did one being reprimanded as that is punishment enough and those 3 that follows have to have their life going on with a blemish just so to show that the government is serious about people using racial sentiment to stir up trouble and have zero-tolerance for racial slur be it in print or electronically put in words for all to see. And just adding all these, students which blogged about their teachers in a negative light is feeling the heat from the school and probably their parents as well (Yeah right, no internet for you, kiddo)

But yet, I guess once again, we had all missed the point. The one that actually got away, the one that went off on a ride on the wild side, is nothing more than our own intolerance.
How tolerant are we to the other races that allowed such statement to be made to the first place. Were we tolerant to the difference in race and to understand that as long as we are different, there will always to be friction. Does it means that everyone that has something to say about the difference should keep their mouth shut? Am I defending those 3(or 4) bloggers that were extremely intolerant of the people with different skin color and religion? Hell, no. They showed they’re intolerant of others and that they should have realized that they would face the same intolerant of their shenanigans by the order of law. To ask the first (or the last) of the racist blogger to come out and ask for his blood, am I not also being intolerant myself. However, I do believe that someone should make that call (not the 1900…) and the guy should be placed under the same scale under the eyes of law, as I last remember that justice and equality is something that was in our national pledge. But jailing him will no longer serve its purpose. A heavy fine would probably do. But to be cleared before trial is one thing, to not requiring to even to be tried in the court of law is tantamounting to the proclamation that the PSB is even higher than the judiciary and that there are higher order of things, which is hidden to us lowly subjects.  

You might be asking how dangerous is the seditious statements? I would say that the dangers are clear and present. Despite the many years of racial harmony and integration, we are still different races in both letters and nature. You cannot wipe it off by just removing the simple entry in our identification. We still donate to the different self help group and that inter-racial marriage is still something frown upon. We still have people that asked to be given special treatment base on their inherent race and religion and yet frown upon other’s practice. With the growing intolerant of others, all it takes is just the right moment and the right slur of language to screw it all up and set it all on flame. While we are now more cautious to not destroy all the good things that we build up, the many good years has unfortunately soften us and isolate us at times to the point that there is a small barrier between the different ethnic groups. Which lead us to wonder that will we be as tolerant with one another and to work as one united people when the nation is put to the test. I would surely hope so. All I can ask for of myself and my fellows, is to let us all to be more tolerant to one another and that to understand that what is spoken in a moment of anger and differentiate that with the dark muttering of malice to discern the appreciation of our diversity from the slurred remark to divide us.

It is not going to be an easy task, just look at the way that our driver pries the road and how they treat their fellow motorist. It does seems like we have a long and arduous journey ahead.

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