Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Wrong Notes

It does seem like the prodigal son is having a hard time coming back. Don't get me wrong; I have nothing against him personally. I feel that anyone that is willing to forsake his obligation to his country and left his parent behind for so many years in his pursuit of music and achieving greatness ought to be honored for their dedication. While the judge honored Nguyen’s love for his father with a noose, we honored this great son of Singapore by asking him to part with $5000 to the continual effort of national building. Which immediately got a lot of tongue wagging and a lot of people lamenting of their lack of interest of the keys of ebony and ivory.
I must say that this is indeed a great moment for us, as his return will probably mark another chapter in the ongoing effort of making our arts and in this case, music scene more vibrant. We probably are also telling the other prodigal son that Singapore stills welcomes you, as long as you do not mind to part with a measly $5k which in fact is for the good cause of further the nation building and to sustain the lowly wages of our highly effective and efficient ministers and the governments.
This also sent a clear message to those young impressionable kids that they really have nothing to fear. Go forth and pursue your dream, renounce your citizenship and come back when you make your mark in the world. You will still be called one of us despite the fact that your passport is now issued from somewhere else. It cost only $5k, really. Never mind the parents that you left behind and the friends that you have forgotten, as they will remember you and flock to you when you make it great.

As for those that is not gifted in Arts, I am sorry. Unless you decided never to come back, have parent that does not mind bank rolling your great escape, you will be given a very short hair-cut, be forced into an arranged marriage (with your rifle) for the next 2 years, and till you hit either 10 cycles or past your 40th birthday, you will be called back at whims all in the names of protecting our homeland.


Calamity Man said...

put it this way, i feel cheated.

putitthisway said...

And I feel cheap....