Friday, November 11, 2005

Effective Communication

In my years in different companies, I had derived the following 10 points foreffective communication which is the key to success:

1). Be seen as forcefull in your message
Saying maybe, synergies as buzzword seems so last century. What you need is to say empowerment, deadline, consequences and impact. More effective if you can emphasis them with a very big gun. Tomahawk missle is extremely effective.

2). Back it up with gesture and actions
Words are just facts, action is key. Do not be afraid to use force and demonstration. Remember how effective it was when Deathstar was use as an interogation tools????

3). Dont threaten, Just promise that it is going to hurt
Threatening someone is just so wrong and should only be done if you are part of the cast in the Sopranos. What you should do should be not telling people to pay up but start to pour kerosene at their front door. This is a Industrial-wide best practice.

4). Picking the right time
Yes, timing is everything. Telling someone a crisis has just happen at 10am will not have much effect. Try doing it at 3am in the morning at the person's home number for about 20 times will be much more effective to convey the sense of urgency.

5). Dress appropriately
What most practicioner failed to get prompt payment is because they dont dress right.
You should always wear something which is worse for wear from your client in order to get those payment. big thick goldchain shows that you are still quite well to do. Wear shirts with a few holes and a smattering of blood to show that you are not afraid to follow up with promises and action.

6). Give praise when needed
When you are asking for something. Be it an extension, additional loan, or raise. You should always heap praise and be subtle about it. And remember, praise and discreet gifts are nice emphasis that you meant your praise.

7). Format and presentation
Small font are good if you want important matters to be grossed over. But to bring points across, large bold text in red works best.

8). Location, location, location
Position your message strategically. Like right smack at the void deck in front of the lift and just in front of the unit will drive the message home. Put it in front of the police post will get you arrested.

9). Tailor your message
Not everyone understand officious sounding word from a lawyer's office and that not everybodies bodyguard appreciate a call by your agent. Know how to make your message understandable to your targetted audience is extremely important. Which works in a lesser way in the next point

10). Eliminate possible communication error
This is extremely important in that you do not want your message interpreted in the wrong way. While there has been ways to reduce this, there is a breakthrough solution to remove this once and for all. As we understand, Miscommunication is alwaysdue to a mistake in the interpretation of message by the recipient wilful or unaware. What we can say to this is to eliminate the recipient. Once and for all. That will reduce all Miscommuncation once and for all

Hope that was not helpful at all as it was done at a moment of insanity. Any attempt to follow or to replicate any/some or all of the 10 points will be basically your own fault for following a ranting of a mad man.

Happy weekend


The Student said...

lol...the guide to being an effective loanshark runner?

putitthisway said...

No lar, its now call debt collection agent......also can be use if you are in the security business or you are serving time in abdul ghaib