Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Breaking the chain of depression

IT was one of those gruelling day in the office which seems like never to end with one situation following another and meetings after endless meeting, did not complete some of the task which I set out to but I have some other agenda today :- Badminton.

Went home to change and went to the badminton session at the sports complex nearby with wifey. Seems like she needs the regular session as much as I do. A good work-out till next week, hopefully I will squeeze some time to jog this friday.

It was only after all these that I managed to sit down and power up my computer. Only then I just came to a realization that there is this friend of mine that is in 2 photos that I glanced upoon. Showing them to my wife and she just realised that I am not that vetically challenged and that also a comment that it seems like the pose that I have seems to be that of confidence. Of which, my only reply is, " why not?"

It seems like confidence is something that my wife finds very common in me, in the pictures aptured and in the way that I talked. This is however, not just something born, but a belief that without confidence in the way we act and speak, our words and deeds will lack the substance and the conviction to carry out our will.

In this case, there was this thing about how there are some that is ever so lacking in confidence and that people who lacked confidence will never find it.

My only reply to this is a simple word, rubbish. Not to what she say but to the belief os those that lacks confidence. If you act and speak without confidence you will always falter and be indecisive, and people will take you as being indecisive. That will be a vicious cycle and that it will just reinforce your own belief that you do not have self confidence and hence manifest in the action which in turns reinforce perceptions that others have, hence the cycle will carry on in a modius loop of infinity.

The same for unhappinese in life. Feeling unhappy is just a start the melancholy is but the prelude to the tip of the emotional iceberg that one will experience. It is always easy to be kept in that same dark melancholic shell which makes one feels easier, better a shell than further hurt some says. There is a time for melancholy and there is a time for healing, a time to cry out and a time to wipe away those tears. To keep crying past that will be to cry yourself blind. In fact, I am very much given to believe that it is this downward spiral which will leads to depression and that if one still does not climb out of that deep well of depression, deeper depression till the point of death might eventually be the only solace for 1.

So, wipe off those tears as it is time to dry. hum a soft happy tune, while thinking of the bad time, think of something good and in itself a small step to climb out of that tower which is made of bricks of misery and pillared by depression. There is no help unless one decides to take the step to remove those bricks and pillars that binds. Tell yourself a joke, find something amusing and most importantly, laugh. And remember, laugh with a heart and build it up and laugh so hard that the damned tower collapse. You will find that there is sun behind that silver lining at the end of the dark cloud.

So, if you are depressed, snap out of it and laugh it out. You can do it.


The Student said...

Cool, check this out, take the questionaire and see how u fare. Didn't do too well in 4 out of 5 areas :S

putitthisway said...

Thanks for the link. Interesting site

din do well in the social aspect, having 5 of 8.

7 of 8 for the rest except for stage

Iris said...

Laughing is best only when you are happy, when you are not, in the end, the tears of laughter might just end up becoming tears of sadness.

heh, I am getting melancholy again..

putitthisway said...

You will have to have the willto snap out of it so to speak. Think happy thoughts.Momentary insanity doe help in my situation.