Thursday, November 10, 2005

My Confidence profile

Thanks to Student for sharing this link:

Done my, seems to be not too bad with only social confidence at 5 while the other a minimum 7.

The link is here.

you need to sign up first though

My profile as follow:

confidence profile

You are a crusader. When you believe in a particular course of action, you are not afraid to make your views known.

You perform at your best with an audience. You would describe yourself as 'shy', and identify closely with performers who use their performances to obscure their shyness and insecurity.

People notice you. You are not afraid to take charge of difficult situations when you feel that this is necessary. Your personal qualities seem contradictory to some of your friends and colleagues; they have difficulty understanding how you can have such presence, and yet also project so much insecurity.

You can achieve significant gains in your personal life and career through personal development. Improved interpersonal skills will help you to form and sustain personal relationships which bring you joy. You have the capability to become a leader; by enhancing your sense of self worth you may find that you become a better listener, more empathic to the needs of others. This increased awareness of, and responsiveness to, the emotional state of others can help you to manage working relationships with a much lighter, more assured, touch.

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