Monday, November 21, 2005

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary

The last 1-year had been great and had also surprising little in the department of argument. I must say that my wife must have been exasperated for the numbers of times that I have been extremely a brainless, insensitive oaf being totally uncaring and unromantic. She has always been there for me, caring and absolutely understanding. Well, she has her moments of little tantrums but I guess that only makes her even more endearing in my eye.
There really isn't much to plan for except to go catch Harry Porter but unfortunately all the better seats had been taken and we decided not to. We next drop by to WCG at Suntec to actually see our very first cyber competition and we were lucky to walk back with 1 game controller more courtesy of the Lucky draw in the WCG.

I tried, really tried to find a place, which is good enough for her. I guess I only barely scrap the passing grade bringing her to My Secret Garden, a spot befitting its namesake as it is quietly hidden behind the Sculpture Garden somewhere in the city. The ambience is impeccable as it is cozy, lighted with just enough tea-lights. Soothing music and the gentle fragrant complete the setup that is just perfect for a night of romantic get-away. The service is just right on the mark and the food did do the place justice. What really completed the evening is the desert, which delighted my wife.

What I would recommend would be the lamb rack that is delightfully done to just the right texture, while the flakes being tasty on their own gives the lamb added dimension to its taste. The potato skin with escargots was exquisite with the right balance of escargots and mushrooms while the potato was baked to just the right level of softness and crispiness.

I did mention that the desert was exquisite? Well, the Bread and Butter Pudding and the Triple chocolate cake is delicious by their own rights. Try tasting both together would be heavenly. I do suggest that if you want to have a quiet night out, this would be the spot. Take a look here : Http:// but shhhh….dun o out an tell everyone.

Well, I hope my wife enjoyed the short interlude between her busy work schedules. I know that I needed this break. Just looking forward to the next year. In fact, everyday spent is like winning the lottery.


The Student said...

Wish u and your wife a happy aniversary. Well, asking to be smite isn't exactly a good way to go about proving God's existance. Look at it this way, if the Loving God does exist, he wouldn't be compelled to do. If He doesn't exist, He wouldn't either and this only shows that...we can conclude nothing so the issue of identifying God's existance must be done through other angles such an examination of the accuracy of the biblical texts of different religions and whether the values that are a part of the religion are sensible and applicable from past till present, if they are, I believe that's the religion that the true God has left behind as a legacy.

putitthisway said...


As for the experiment on the existence of GOD, that is if you don't get smite. Either way, its a glass of either half full or half empty with water. And I do remember this phase, "Thou shalt not test GOD" or to that effect.