Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Besieged in the ivory Tower

While there is likely to be no rest for the wicked, there is however, never short of scrutiny for the best and brightest of this land. Since young, they would have been identified and tagged as gifted, put into a highly advanced and accelerated learning program, studying way beyond their less gifted peers, taking off the little chance that they have to make friends with those that are placed in a less stressful learning environment while living in the constant fear of being ostracized. This draws them into a small enclave, which from the outside looking in, seems to be a wall make of snobbery and elitist superiority.

But yet, the question here is that are we looking at it with green eyes of envy at an ivory tower built by those gifted few as a way to protect them. Growing as such an environment, I fail to see that those early bloomers with their high IQ and excellent aptitude for being academically inclined a gift. In a way, it is both a gift to be bright and brilliant and probably a curse. No, this is not spoken in pity for those GEPed pupils, which will probably one day be the decision maker to steer the nation and forms the pillar of our society; If they did not burn out in that relentless pursuit of paper excellence.

Should we today, sideline them and force them into their small little clique, they will probably never see the world in a perspective, which in lack of a better word, elitist. We would probably never benefited from their sharp mind and thinking. It is probably for the worst that we are allowed to while place them where they are and yet refusing to treat them as whom they are but by how smart they are. It will be truly inhumane and undignified to classify people by their IQ. It is probably just as bad as forcing a yellow Star of David on their shirt and arm. Surely, we had the holocaust to teach us better, or is it that we are fulfilling the role of one that created history only to repeat because we never learn from it.


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