Thursday, November 03, 2005

Keeping it for 40 years.

Was watching the 40 years old Virgin last Friday with my wife. While the show was hilarious without resorting to crass jokes and toilet humor, it did not make the joke too high-brow for some. In fact, I find it in good taste and the message behind the show very well thought out. If there is a show that you would want to get on DVD, this is the 1. Of course, I would also recommend Final Fantasy VII :- Advent Child, but that is another story altogether. Just 2 words, it rox.

Back to the 40 yr old Virgin.

Through out the whole show, a few topics which the show dealt with :- virginity, sex, fidelity, dating and I guess the underlying message is really about persona and perceptions.

The whole idea in the show about virginity is that, everyone else lost it which started the mad rush of everyone around our main antagonist to help him be relieved of his status of being a virgin, so much so that his boss even volunteered her services. There are of course dating tips which goes about in the likes of either getting your rocks off in 60 sec or getting slapped. The whole courtship prior to rutting ritual were the de-rigeur which make our main character getting into tight situations time and time again which resultant in failure of comic proportion. But if you were to ask me, the whole idea of virginity is that, its great to hold on to it, but if you lose it, it is really no big deal. For a guy to obsess over the state of virginity of his wife to be, that is like wondering if the seat cover of the car is still wrapped in plastic covers, you are going to tear it yourself anyway and that it really is not something worth getting upset over. I would be however, if the car is a 2nd hand being passed off as brand new. It is not the matter of being obsess about being the first but rather it is about knowing what you are signing up for. I have never lied about the fact that I am no longer that since my first relationship and that I have been up front about it in every relationship that I have been after. And really, I have never even asked if they are virgin or not, just a reminder that once they are past that, there is no turning back. Just this to all the guys and girls out there thinking of losing it for the first time. Please, think twice, use protection and make sure that you are old enough and that do remember that there will be no turning back after and that if you can wait, why not?

Which lead me to the other aspect, sex. I always feels that this is a beautiful expression between 2 person that loves each other, the very act itself is never dirty or wrong. If it is that, we would probably be reproducing by some other ways, the whole act of pro-creation is about love. The love between each other at its highest form of physical culmination. Equating sex and love is as wrong as as equating words with feeling. And please, I am not so naive to believe that all sex are from love. If that is the case, the oldest profession in the world would never be and that vice would only means the device or the situations of being gripped. However, acknowledging its existence is quite different from endorsing it. Vice does have its place in society and that like porn, meant as a viaduct of relief when non can be found and that while some choose to hold the restrain of man, some rutted like dogs. And no, I had never seek out the service ever till date and have no intention to, though I visited almost every red-light district in every country that I visited and yes, my wife knows about it. But seriously, I would never go about sorting such services as of the 1 word in mind, fidelity.

Fidelity is an interesting concept but not exclusive to human being. In fact, wolves are known to mate for life as with penguins while we human sometimes do not. I admit that I did not keep it till the wedding day and that I did have a few relationship that were long and deep in both emotional and physical aspect but yet, if truth be told, while temptation has always been there, I had never, for the better or worst of me entertain the thought of straying and I do hope that I never will. The whole idea of fidelity is not just about fidelity within marriage. Marriage is the legal process of solemnizing a relationship. And to some, the holy pronunciation of a man and woman to be 1 entity. If 2 are made 1, would you ever expect your right hand to cheat on your left hand? Being faithful to one another is something that is unwritten but should be practice throughout the relationship. So much so that the act of staying faithful to each other, forsaking all other is that once a commitment is made to be in a relationship, there should be no other. Such relationship has only a space for 2, putting a third party makes it intolerable for anyone. To carry on screwing is no better than being a dog that screws everything in heat or being no better than a bitch in heat. While some may argue that fidelity is only in marriage. But if you are not willing to do so in a relationship that lead up to marriage, would a vow and a piece of paper binds you? That is something that you will have to answer to yourself, honestly.


Iris said...

You took the words right out of my mouth...

Thank you!

putitthisway said...

You want it back?????

Paddy Tan said...

hahahahah!! Nasty.

Whatever vows, papers, or even pictures or videos of any promises given also useless to me.

I have yet to watch this movie ... will wait for the dvd. Too expensive to watch movies these days.

Iris said...

Nope, thank you!

You can keep your words, I have mine!

putitthisway said...

arh Paddy ar... so jialat ar.....
and as for iris.... heee... no intention to return it in the first place