Monday, March 03, 2008

Get the man an apple

For the longest of time, I had never figured out why some man goes for Apple. True, its sleek, its design sets standard. What I can't stand however, is that all these comes at a hefty price and not something that I could afford at the earlier of my life and definitely something I don't want to shell out for at this point of life.

But it seems that many guys are willing to pony out the cash for the cool factor, the sleek design.... some coz they used it as their bread and butter coz it kicks ass being a designer's platform.

As for some of the male that swears by their Apple, they are just being happy.....

Seems like someone found another reason why



Name it a cool place to hang out, and a place swarming with cool guys.

Just be careful and confirm that they are straight.

And I finally realised why DK got himself an Apple... Hope he got the nice hot chick that goes with it...

And also... in case he needs to bling it out... he might like to consider this

To all unattached geeks out there.... Now is the time to start visiting that Apple Store near you.....

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