Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Nursing a broken heart

It is quite common at one point or another of our life that we fall out of love. It should equal to n-1 time of us falling in love. Love has always been elusive and that many great men and women to not just pursue it but to define it. So much so that the concept of love have become as profound as the evolution of our culture. Love however can be a simple thing and that no matter how it is define, it is strong yet fragile.

It is as simple as bouquet of flower to tell my wife I love her, the simple 3 words that I utter every now and then for we both knows that love like any other elusive things, needs reaffirmation.... preferably a few times a day.

For those that has yet to find love, fell out of love, this might seems like rubbing salt into your wound. What I want to say here is as simple as this. I have been out of love, not once, but a few times.

I understand the pain and anguish that accompanies it, the withdrawal and all those negative feeling that leaves one no more than a hollow shell.. thats what a person might feel.

But what I can say is that, whatever that doesn't kills you, only makes you stronger.
Get your friends, a few of them, mobilize them to be your support and healing party.
Take up a new hobby or rekindle a new one, being out of love means more time to yourself to do what you always wanted to do... but please don't try to be a jumper.
In a way, falling out of love means that the other party is not the right guy/gal/whatever, and that for the 1 or few times that happens will allow one to cherish the right guy/gal.

A song which is most apt....


我无法帮你预言 委曲求全有没有用
可是我多么不舍 朋友爱的那么苦痛
爱可以不问对错 至少有喜悦感动
如果他总为别人撑伞 你何苦非为他等在雨中
泡咖啡让你暖手 想挡挡你心口里的风
你却想上街走走 吹吹冷风会清醒的多
你说你不怕分手 只有一点遗憾难过
情人节就要来了 剩自己一个
其实爱对了人 情人节每天都过
分手快乐 祝你快乐 你可以找到更好的
不想过冬 厌倦沉重 就飞去热带的岛屿游泳
分手快乐 请你快乐 挥别错的才能和对的相逢
离开旧爱 像坐慢车 看透彻了心就会是晴朗的

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