Thursday, February 28, 2008

Being B

Working in IT allows me to come into contact with interesting users, but I do feel that one of my co-worker is probably a more interesting character.

To protect his identity, I shall refer to him as B.

He is 1 of those that works in shift, which means that he sometimes come to office earlier than us and of course, he leaves the office earlier as well. That, to me is just part of work requirement and I am fine with it, during 1 of my previous job, that was also in the job description and that I know what that entails. Working shift is fun and I do enjoy it as it affords me the time after shifts to sometime go out and actually visit the bank, catch an early movie and generally bum at home when nobody is around.

What I really have problem with, is his attitude. Which boils down to :

1). B is always right
2). When you proved B wrong, B will come down hard on you
3). B is always there to tell the boss who did wrong

Which incidentally, is fine by me if he keeps to himself and do his daily share of work. Unfortunately, he hardly keeps to himself and he loves to whine.....

Whining isn't so bad if you are cute or do it cutely, imagine a hairy 900pound walrus whinning..... You get the picture.

Being in IT, we more or less expects that he can take care of his own computer, after all, someone managing huge IBM and HP super computer should be able to take care of their puny notebook? No!!! In my 10 yrs of IT support, I had never come across somebody asking me for a screw driver, just so that he can remove the battery from his notebook to find out if the battery is due for a recall....And when I showed him that all it take was 2 opposable thumb, What I got was," I am not trained in Hardware. Don't expect me to know that." After a fully illustrated email showing how the battery was to be removed.

Being the guy in charge of security, I constantly come to know of security bleaches and that some of the guys getting to the top of the shit list. But for most of them, they are there because they are the 1 doing the checks on the machines. Now, it is one thing to have a software key generation program in one's computer. It is another to have it in the company's laptop and definitely takes the cake when confronted to actually says that the offending piece of code was there in the computer for quite some time and that only recently did the scanner picks it up...... I am just wondering how the policeman will feel when haul up a drunk driver only to have the drunk retorting that he had been drink driving for a few years, did a few hit and run and what took the police so long to catch him....... I would probably lock him up, throw away the keys with a whole bunch of hungry hyenas.....

Speaking about drunk.... I have no qualms with people drinking.... Heck, drinking during lunch time might not be so bad if you watch the limit and remains decently sober when its time to get back to office or just ask for the day off if you felt too tipsy.... But what really take the cake would be to get another colleague on the team to go out, drink, come back to the office after 4 hours, still roaring drunk, telling another colleague that he is in trouble with the married women in the office and should turn to him for help..... Then waltzing off when the shift is up......While his just as inebriated team mates stumbled and nearly fell down a flight of stairs.
That really got our dear B into the shits....from what I heard, this isn't the first time with the last incident happened only recently.... And I do hope that he really wakes up...But the whole thing just made me feel, and it sums up nicely with this picture..

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