Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our local Champions

Once in a while, our boys in blues and all their home team buddies needs a boost.
And nobody had done it better than Mr Brown

Here is the lyric to the song:

They laughed at you
When he got away
He did the crime
But you kena pay
A small mistake
A toilet break
And suddenly the mobs are pointing their fingers at you!

But you are so champion, Home Team
We sure support you to the end
You are so champion
Don’t listen to them
No time for bloggers
And kopitiam uncles of the world

Causeway so jam
People blame you
But illegal workers and cigarette smugglers
You’ve caught a few
Your boss is kind
He don’t resign
Stay back to give his moral support to encourage you!

You are so champion, Home Team
You mustn’t feel so down and sian
You are so champion
Burn all your weekend
This is all bo pian
But we know you’ll catch him…

You are so champion, Home Team
You are just like us, a common man
You are so champion
Work hard and you can
Be a faultless minister
Then you’ll be the champion of the world.

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