Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sample of a tragedy

Saw this in a Chinese Forum and so I decided to translate it. Hope its still funny

*Disclaimer : I am not a Bush Basher*

One day, George W Bush visited an elementary school somewhere in Maryland. In typical Bush fashion, he begins to ask the grade 8 students, “Who can give me an example of a tragedy?”

A little girl raised her hand and said, ”When my best friend is run down by a car when walking down the road, that's a tragedy.”

“No, that's an accident, not a tragedy,” replied Bush

Another boy responded, “ It's a tragedy when my friends in a bus are being run over on a field trip.” To which Bush replied,” No, that's a terrible lost. Not a tragedy.”

Johnny raised up his hand to the chagrin of his Homeroom teacher, and quipped, ”When you and the first lady are on Air Force One and the Air Force One is shot down by a missile.” “Why so,” enquired the bemused and slightly puffed up President. To which Johnny replied, “ Well, it sure ain’t no accident and it’s certainly no fucking terrible lost to nobody.”

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