Wednesday, March 28, 2007

For the lacking of values

I read and felt compelled to defend a generation that I may or may not be associated with. And its only through a quick Google and a Wiki entry that did I realized that I might have been part of the generation branded Generation X.

First off, I realized that there is a need for the media to label and categorize certain age group to a certain generation, generalizing and drawing them with one broad stroke the definitive character and predominant attributes. I am fine with that necessity and to make the editors’ job easier and more sensational to sell more prints. I just find that all these labels being stuck on me a bit stifling. The question which I enjoyed posing is, can you see past all those stickers and labels to even know who I am, what is my belief and the values that we may or may not have?

In case you are wondering the impetus to all these, you might like to read




Which was sparked off by this

Which is largely believe to be from this debacle

(Another 1 here)

I have nothing against the one who questioned our values or the lack of it, in fact, I would respect him as I would respect anyone that is older and more learned than me and also contributed to a great dead to the prosperity of this island nation which I called home.

I am as you might be saying, attempting to defend a charge against a generation of which I might or might not be a part of and that the best representation is nothing more than anecdotal findings and first person encounter that I see as well as bits and pieces this ill-informed individual read.

First off, we might not have a value but I do know the value that your generation is true and tangible, to the tune of 3 million a year your peers are getting in the private sectors. That is probably enough to last me a few retirements provided that I am entitled to retirement, that is.

We are alleged to be blatant job-hoppers and bond breakers and do not subscribe to the term of loyalty be it to the company we work for and the nation of whom provide us a stable and secure place to grow and also give us money every year when the economy is doing well. Well, in defence to that, I can dare say that not a single time in my life did I dare to tell my employer that I will become corrupt and accept bribe if I am not paid in accordance to my peers. If I find jobs that are more challenging, I will by the procedures tender my resignation and do something else in order to better oneself and contribute to the economy. Neither do I ask for handouts or safety net. All I ask is that, if I were to give an idea, I expect it to be reviewed with an open mind, and if it is that great an idea, I do not expect to be thanked by not giving the first shot of that idea but to offer it to the highest bidders behind ballots in the name of fair-play.

I do not pretend to be political aphetic as you claim but when I am in disagreement with what you propose and your scheme, please do not ask me to go form my own political party. If you really want to hear our voices, we will speak. If you want to hear only good things, try FM91.3.

And with all due respect, we are certain that you will defend what you say and what you belief staunchly, we will never teach you how to do your job. And that I will try as much as I can, never threaten to sue people just so to shut them up. I will only do so if they fail to proof what they say are correct. Neither will we categorically deny what is true and only to sweep it away as an inconvenient blurb later. I will be a man and apologize. I am also not afraid to put down what I say in words and if someone feel uncomfortable in my presence to have their friends, father, mother, brothers and sisters to join me for a cup of tea (I prefer coffee actually) or chocolate, I never need to worried that I am being interrogated if it is just supposed to be a chat.

And seriously, I do agree that if one was found lacking in terms of values and moral fibers, they should be replace by talents from abroad, we should probably get more of those that blanked off their wife's Degree and stencil their own name to get a job, they are a talent and a steal, and also those who managed to run a few stalls in foodcourts without even a valid visas. And also foreign managers that tells us that NS is a liability to his department and he will always pick up a foreign talent over a local male with NS liability as a NSman. Those are indeed values, in fact, real value for money.

What I feel is that, a person or a generation’s legacy is the values imparted to the next generation, the failing of a generation that has no values, in the Asian’s context is the failing of the generation before for not inculcating it. As what they say (Pardon the poor translation)

Fathering a child without proper upbringing is the fault of the father

Teaching without educating in the right way is the fault of the teacher

And also, while I am not a father yet, I would take it upon myself when I become one to make sure that to teach them not as I say but also as I do. I will try my utmost to make sure that they be set on the right path and hope that along the way that they pick up the right values from me and that I am not too dysfunctional as a parent rather than to blame them, the society or the system.

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