Thursday, March 29, 2007

Just pay them more

It seems like there is some discussion lately about the impending increase to the minister of this fair island. I guess that as far as they are concern, this is warranted and in fact, in due time to prevent an exodus of talent.

However, in the word of his generation and by a civil servant no less, I would like to quote, “If people don't have a sense of value, they're worse than mercenaries...My generation has a value system. We hope the present generation does too. People who don't have that, we better forget them and hire more hungry non-Singaporeans to come here and add to our value system.” So, If the exodus of the top talent is largely due to the mercenary nature of theirs, it is probably better that they be replace by the top foreign talent that do have a good value system that can be added to ours for cheap.

For those who talked about envy, that is something that is very true and natural of that of a human being. In fact, while Gordon Gecko had you believe the driving force of the modern civilisation and economy is greed, it has been help by its twin sister, envy. And envy is what gets me green in the eye when I hear the annual pay check in tunes of 1.2 mil being drawn. To top it off, this amount will be raised to about 3 mil if they were to have their ways (which they normally will). Imagine this, you might have a chance about once or twice a month to get that amount (about a 1 in 45mil odds), but someone with the help of his peers will have this every year and most likely for 5 continuous year at a go. There is no reason not to envy that.

I admit that thus far the job have been rather well done, but unfortunately it is slipping in standards, and with fair proof to say that.

We have just recently pass a budget which by own admission, most of the minister and cabinet members would score an “F” in its comprehension. Now, if such is the level of comprehension of just another annual budget, woes behold to us commoner with nary a phd in economics to comprehend it, and how can we be assured, that the government will be able to execute it?

Our Foreign ministry seems to be doing a good job in setting on all the wrong footings with out neighbours, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. FDAs be damn if we get no sand and now no granite and we are not even able to even coexist peacefully with our neighbourly states.

Not to forget that our Airport have slipped in the International standing from 1st to 4th and since we are on the topic of aviation, how the heck does a country which prides itself in its Tri-partite relation with the Employer, Union and employee having to resort to litigation between our Silvery Kris Wing and its pilots?

But end of the day, they will get their raise while we will be contended when not getting any due to the stiffer global competition, the slacking in our productivity compared to other country and that my Chinese and Indian colleagues worked harder and cheaper and do not have to waste 2 week of the employers time in green uniform languishing in Tekong feeding mosquito.

Well, give it to them and I will just try to see if I can spread out the handout this year to offset the rising cost and competition.

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