Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Not about GST

I seriously have had it with the buzz about the GST increase. I much rather share with you some of the things I heard from a few people I overheard when commuting

1). From 1 that looks like a teacher

My student is really driving me nuts. Yesterday, I was teaching about percentage. I asked them when the percentage of increase when number of apple is increased from 5 to 7. 1 of them tell me that it is 2%. When I tell him it is wrong, he retorted that the mathematician on TV say that 5 to 7 is 2% increase only.

2). From a Houseman

Yesterday I had to perform a few stomach cleaning on some old folks. Seems like recently there are these bunch of people that tried to take their medicine all at one shot. And when we ask them why, they just say that some guys on TV says that it is better to take the medicine at one go.

3). Outside a toilet

Dunno why recently a lot of people are looking around for toilet, and some even start to hog the toilet stalls. I guess it must be the recent awareness created to get people to start looking for toilet and not wait until they feel like shitting.

4). From a young executive

My boss yesterday just told me to increase the price for the retailer channel by 2% and say that this is to help the bottom-line and also to help the consumer channel redevelopment while cutting the price in the corporate channel by 2% citing competition. I guess he heard it from a certain big incorporation that is recently having problem with their oversea business.

Well, there, I did it, 1 entry and no talk on the impending GST.

Yes, I feel so good about myself

Now I need to go buy those big ticket items before the increase kicks in


Paddy Tan - said...

Good one Philip!

putitthisway said...

What did I do this time???