Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Back and needing some bashing

Back and needing something to smash

Did a quick check and realized that it has been slightly more than a month from my last post. It seems like I am not yet forgotten.

It was not a particular busy month for me but it was a month that sees my level of tolerance and temper sliding southwards and feeling that anger rising up with greater ease at each passing day.

I was under the belief that people tends to mellow and are slower to temper as they age, I guess it is not applied universally. I just feel that I need to reach out and trash something.

In the meantime, to ensure that I do not actually causes physical harm, I have taken up a new online addiction called “Conquer Online” Simply put it is Diablo Online with a Oriental twist. You get to bash people up with 2 weapons being a Trojan, Wear thick armor and take awful lots of damage as a warrior, kill from afar being an archer or cast magic being a Taoist.  

The graphics is well but a bit dated. IT is the mindless bashing that interests me. As the game allows players to settle their grievances by killing each other, the lower level character gets to die a lot. This adds on to the impetus to level up, becoming more powerful to be able to hit back at those that tries to PK (Player-kill) you.

The pixilated killing helps to take some of the edge off but I feel that even that, might not be sufficient. Just hope that this whole spell of slow spiraling madness can dispel soon enough.

Anyway, the bottom-line is that, I am back, and I do hope that I can post more often without so much of a block.

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