Monday, July 10, 2006

Not Today, Mr. Brown

I looked at the last Friday’s edition of Today with a bit of longing, regret and spite. I know that the column which I find solace and a good laugh is no more. As a sign of support and solidarity, I will now fly the ribbon high on this blog to show that yes, I support Mr. Brown and I am not afraid to show it. And I also just received confirmed news that his good buddy and fellow blogger, Mr. Miyagi has also quitted his regular column on Today as well.
All these are but the latest events in the series of events that has taken place after a witty column titled “Singapore are fed, up with progress” which among others, bring a light hearted look to the latest series of price hikes that are going or had taken placed.
Apparently, MICA does not think so and their press secretary came out with a rather strong rebuttal on the column. Soon after, Mr. Brown’s column is being suspended.
Till date, there is still no comments on whys and specifics of the suspension and all enquiries by the interested public to Today’s Editors has been answered with nothing more than a short reply that all enquiries should be directed Ms Bhavani of MICA instead of Today.
In fact, the lack of published letters on the matters just goes to show how the matter is now considered taboo and should be white washed as far as possible. This time, the entire Brown affair has spoken in volume when it says nothing at all, from the voices of concerned public.
Serving public office has its many perks, one of which is that you can say things and make it the official and only voice on the issue (and this case the only voice as the other side has been silenced). This purportedly makes it sounds like Mr. Brown caused a number of unhappiness when he talks about the rising cost and how they coincide with the timing of the elections. The unhappy part was right on the dollar, but more with how everything followed the patterns so described by Mr. Brown.
You asked for people to make comment to stand up and prepare to defend their position when you remove their voice. You talked about the rights to state your view as long as I am responsible for it. Well, now we want to be responsible, we want a voice and we are silenced. Unlike 10 years ago where information can be fenced inside a border, today, information demands its birth right to flow freely to where they are sorted and they will. If the local MSM deems this something to be whitewashed, the blogger will take it upon themselves to make their voice heard. Already, I hear the low roar of the distant wave that will sweep us. We ask not for a revolution, we ask not for strife, riot or to displace the establishment. All we ask is for the silence to be lifted and for our voice to be heard. Hear us while we speak rationally and understand that we take to task not just the words said at the rally but for their actual manifestation for all to see. Failing that, it is nothing more than words. Well, If not today, maybe tomorrow or the next , or the day after, but as long as we start and strive, we will have our voice and place.

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