Thursday, August 31, 2006

One Liners (Part1......I Hope)

I realized that for the longest time, I have been sprouting one-liners. Not sure if they are unique, but I guess I will just put up a few that I remember and add to it as I go along:

On what started this Blog
Well, let me put it this way…..

On Technology
Technology is only meaningful if they are applied; otherwise, they are just plain BuangKok

On Price of services
Its never too cheap when you want it, and never too expensive when you need it.

On Service Charge
Why is it mandatory that I pay for service that is either abysmal or non-existence when the best services I get are for free.

On Holy Mistake
As far as I am concern, there is only 1 holy mistake and we are it; thank GOD its never being corrected.

And thats all for now, folks........

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