Thursday, August 24, 2006

Singapore Mee Siam

Singapore Mee Siam
The word of my prime Minister inspired and move us, as such, I shall try this feeble attempt to update an age-old dish to make it uniquely Singapore.

The original recipe can be found from

My apologies to Siva for screwing up this great dish

1       pkt mee hoon
300g    bean sprout - remove the tail
250g    fresh prawn - if you wish
100g  fresh cockles –you must

100g    dried chilli    }       blend
50g     dried prawn     }       these
4       nos. onion      }       four
4       nos. garlic     }       together
200g    tau-choo
12      oz oil
2       pcs tauhu - fry it
20 cents koo-chye
20 cents lime
little bit of salt and aji no moto


1   Heat the pan and fry the blended mixture till crispy or well,
    then add in water and stir
2   When its thick, add in prawn, salt and aji no moto
3   Add in the mee, bean sprout and koo-chye and fry till it
    cook or dry


100g    dried chilli    }       blend
3       nos. onion      }       these
4       nos. garlic     }       four
200g    tau-cheo        }       together
3       pcs. small tauhu - pressed little bit of salt, tamarind seeds,
        sugar and aji no moto


1       Heat the pan and fry the blended mixture till crispy or well,
        then add in water, and let it to thicken
2       Add in the tauhu, sugar, tamarind water, salt and aji no moto,
        let it to cook


  1. Prepare the dish with the fried mee siam.

  2. Put the raw cockles on top

  3. Add gravy to it

  4. Or you can always serve it as mee siam mai hum


Paddy Tan said...

You must remember to state that the hum must be locally bred and not some import ones hor? hahaha!!

(sorry guys, it is a spug joke)

putitthisway said...

are there still local hums???
I remembered when I was young, used to go Lim Chu Kang Beach and dig for hums there, 1 big plastic bag in just a few hours....

Not sure even if there is, it is actually edible.