Friday, April 24, 2009


Got a call sometimes this week from my ICT unit.

They are asking me for 1 more week back in service.
In all honesty, ICT is most of the time fun, alot of hardwork, yes, but it is time whereby we get to break from our routine and do somethings out of our routine work.

Of course, there will always be alot of rush to wait and wait to rush.
There is also a sense that I am doing this, if not for the country, my family and those who served with me.

But if you look at it, we are really getting the shorter end of the deal, no?

As if 2 yrs of life was not enough, every year, u get called back 2 weeks of your time. Yes, one can argue that its like going on leave, but ask anyone from club med to trade their week for 1 in Tekong.... Any takers? I guess not.

And be asked to keep fit every year and if not, you will get RT or IPT. Which means that you have to get off work early or even on weekends to do exercise. Failing to do that, you get charged.

Which mean that you spend alot less time at work then all the foreign talent in your office..... And you are wondering why the quality of life and promotion is far away....... For all you know, its more likely to advance you in the list of people getting retrenched....

Trust me, the whole moniker that "Jobs for the FT, NS for the Sinkies" is not a joke. It is the culmination of what we are so pissed of about.

In fact,
If you asked me, what do I defend?
Definitly not
1). The trash that masked as talents that took jobs from the local
2). The Ang Mos that screws our women and look macho but can't even hold a gun.
3). The million dollar or 8 month bonuses
4). The helpers that torments our kids and aged and still cry rape and abuse
If they happened to benefit from the umbrella of protection, just be quiet as I can assured that its all accidental.
Because when the call to arms is answered, rest assured that those in the 4 listed, if they had not scuttled out and hide somewhere far, might just get some iron or lead in their system.

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