Thursday, April 16, 2009

And she turned 1

It seems like only a fews back that I see my daughter, coming out into the world and breaking into her first cry.

And just on Sunday. we celebrated her first birthday and she is already tasked to decide what path she wants to take in her life by grabbing stuff that represents different inclination.

Her choice was to brush everything aside and go straight to her grandmother. After which, made a beeline for the house coffee table cum biting post... she finally settled on a Chinese Brush Pen...... I wonder if she wants to be a writer, a poet, or from the way she is holding it, a conductor.......But whtever is her path in the future, as long as she does not stray and spiral into a path of self-destruction, my job as her father is to make sure nobody leads her down that path.

There was nothing that I inhereted, be it legacy or calling, neither shall I leave her a calling that may not be her choice. However, I do hope that I can afford to leave back a bit of legacy to help her a bit in her life.

As my mother is out of town, I had to take 2 days off to take care of her, to carry her about, feed her and to change her soiled diapers when needs to do and to coax her to sleep, provide some entertainment and to sooth her when there is those little knocks and bumps and to make sure that those knocks and bumps stay little.....

I will not tell you how great parenthood is as it is as it should be, there is no need to make it sounds any more grander or to belittle it.

If you ask me if or when the next one will come, I do not know, all I can say is that everything in due time, and while I may be a bit wiser, the next kid will be a persona unique and requires a different treatment altogether.....

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