Saturday, April 25, 2009

Beware, aware

It should not concern me, really, afterall, this NGO and its activity concerns me not 1 bit. Its about women, their rights, the apparant lack of it and also the promotion of their rights.
What made it interesting was that, all of a sudden, the entire executive committee were changed, the chairwomen resigned and that its happening becomes the latest feedstock of news. Not 1 day will you be able to read the news without AWARE appearing in caps..

So, what interest me so now?

That the entire coup was planned, staged and executed either with militant choreography or looks as if divine intervention sets in? that did not get me

The new exco was from the same church and in fact, aunt, niece and in-law were in it together? not really raising an eyebrow

How about if the new chairperson did not get the consent from her company and that the employer was the biggest bank in Singapore and she probably was behind a PR fiasco that slurred the bank with a fufundamentalist religious group? that got my attention a bit

How about a man of cloth, the pastor of the church is rallying the church, its parish to go about to hold control over the EOGM that will happen next week? quite a bit.

My true concern is that, if they proved to be successful, is it just a precursor of things to come. What happened if in the future, CDAC is deemed to leaning towards Taoist and buddhist and also showed a movie which happens to talked about gay, will they want to take over it too?

I firmly believe, that man (or woman) believe, faith or relation with his or her god, should remain one that stays between him/her and God. While the goodness and the virtue may show through words and deeds, do not, at any one time, slight anothers faith or religion.

Even more so, to attempt to sieze control of any organisation to further ones religious belief is scary and dangerous. Woes be the day if the fundies takes hold of our military and use all its might to spread their version of good word......
But know this,

They may tell you that its either them or the Homos

Which reminded me that the Fracist gained power by telling the people its either them or the jews will get all their jobs and money... look what happened then

when they used illogical fear to attempt to gain power, watch out... they will get more power and with that power, drown out every single voice that is different.....What we, should remember, is probably this phase from our pledge,
as one united people, regardless of race, language or religion, to build a democratic society, based on justice and equality

And with that, I leave you with this simple line

God's first gift to man is that of free choice, what rights it of man to take it from his brethen

To the women out there, reading this, you can sign up to join AWARE and vote. But end of the day, the choice is yours to make

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