Friday, September 29, 2006

Room With a view

And nothing much else…
This entry is done in the hotel which we will stay for the night.
When talk about ocean view, they were not kidding. In fact, I suspected that every single room in this hotel will probably offer a certain degree of sea view which I suspect, every other hotel will or at least try to offer. Seeing Meridien Hotel on my way just proves that, I have step into the land of continental vacation.
However, the room leaves much to be desired as it has a faulty remote, faulty tap and no working internet connection.
What caught my attention was a sail boat out there. It is completely white and from what I can gather from the weather, is probably out for a slightly bumpy ride. Of course I snap a picture of it as I would like to immerse completely into my role and responsibility as a tourist.
What caught me is the connection of the picture and what Mr. Tomato75 uses as his slogan as someone slogging it out in this ultra competitive world. The world, or rather the business environment today, even more so than it was previously, is getting more and more competitive. It is not unlike a choppy sea which is just about to get even choppier. As such, to see a small sail boat sailing in such a weather when even the bigger ships fears to thread, is something that shows that the captain of the ship truly have gumption (Or severe intoxication of 1 kind of substance or another). As such, while we might not be able to fathom the reasons, or for that matter, we might even think that the person undertaking it is doing a fools errand. But lets just give it that, the one that actually do it, has true courage and deserve at least a pat on the back for that, if not our moral support.
Well, so much for this entry, but I do hop that I have more to share in this 2 weeks of sabbaticals which I will while enjoying it, reflect on what was, what is and decide what will be in the days to come.

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Paddy Tan said...

Just read your entry :)
The business world is indeed ultra competitive .. anytime can be swallowed up.

The only way is to do a mad sprinting but with a marathon stamina.