Friday, September 29, 2006

Getting there

It took ages of planning and just when we thought that its months away, we are now on our way to Malta to catch our cruise.
As things panned out, we are now on the forth leg of our second plane with 2 transfer each. Loads of fun but we are now close to freaking out and is just less than a hair’s breath to getting into our little air rage mode. And seriously, we are wondering if the whole thing was a diabolical experiment to test the limit of human endurance on how much a person can take, sitting and stuffing their face out. We had 1 supper, 2 breakfast and 1 light meal each and its only 3pm when we arrived.
So far, after taking off from Changi terminal 1, we went passed Colombo, Dropped off at Dubai, saw the impressive airport which is huge and we will have some picture to share after we sorted the,. We just took off from Lanaca, a port of Cyprus and very soon, we will reach Malta, spend the night and board Superstar Libra tomorrow night...

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